Thank you for your love and support for SMASH LEGENDS.
5minlab imposes no restrictions on your use of Smash Legends tournaments so long as you adhere to the following guidelines.
Please read the following information carefully before applying for the program.

  • Smasher Tournament Sponsor Program Guidelines:
  1. 5minlab reserves the right to withdraw support if anything inappropriate or harmful to 5minlab occurs during the course of the tournament or in relation to the tournament. This includes the names of users, organizers (clans), and participating teams.
  2. Tournaments and their schedules must be communicated to 5minlab in advance, and any changes must be reported immediately.
    1. The rules for distributing rewards must not vary based on the actions or contributions of participants and/or spectators.
  3. Without exception, all tournaments must be free to watch and participate in.
  4. You must recruit participants for SMASH LEGENDS’ Discord channel #sl-promotion. (5/15 edited)
  5. To host or participate in a tournament, you must be of the appropriate age and meet the applicable residency regulations and requirements. Participants must be at least 13 years old (or the age required by the player’s country of residence, if it is higher) and, if not of legal age, must have the written or oral consent of a parent or legal guardian.
  6. Match fixing and other illegal activities of a similar nature are strictly prohibited.
  7. Organizers must promote their tournament at least three times, and one of which must be posted on SMASH LEGENDS’ Discord channel.
  8. Twitch and YouTube are recommended platforms for streaming, but other platforms can also be used. However, you must share the streaming URL link in advance.
    1. For edited VODs, you must upload and share the URL with us in order to receive reward support.
  9. 5minlab may use tournament videos for marketing purposes or as featured in-game videos. The tournament organizer must include this information in one of their tournament-related notices.
  10. 5minlab’s role in the tournament is limited to the provision of rewards. 5minlab is not responsible for any unforeseen problems that may arise during the tournament, its operation, or prize distribution.
  11. The organizer must notify 5minlab in advance if they have applied for the program sponsored through another company.
  12. Organizers of tournaments cannot claim affiliation with 5minlab by using 5minlab’s trademarks or other identifiers.
  13. Tournaments cannot be sponsored by businesses that sell or promote any of the following:
    1. Pornographic or sexually explicit content, contraceptive products and services, and online dating services
    2. Alcohol
    3. Cigarettes or tobacco-related products
    4. Other restricted drugs or narcotics
    5. Firearms, explosives, or other weapons
    6. Tattoos or body branding services
    7. Gambling/betting/lottery-related products or similar services from illegal betting/fantasy sports websites. 
    8. Political advertisements and other promotional materials for a political agenda
    9. Illegal products or services, or content that violates local laws in your area
    10. Offensive, defamatory, misleading, inaccurate, or discriminatory content
    11. Pharmaceutical goods or services, nutritional supplements, or medical equipment
    12. High-calorie, high-sodium, and high-sugar foods and beverages
    13. Cryptocurrency companies and websites promoting trading
    14. Any products or services that are in direct competition with 5minlab (Ex: Games, online gaming websites, e-sports events, etc.)
    15. Any images that might damage the reputation and image of 5minlab (Ex: Hacks, real money trading, selling accounts and coins, etc.)
    16. All content that does not match your region’s ESRB, PEGI, OFLC, or USK rating for SMASH LEGENDS.
  14. 5minlab may request Smasher Codes from tournament organizers and participants to distribute rewards.
  15. The tournament reward may be distributed to the organizer in the form of a coupon.
  16. In addition to the rewards provided by 5minlab, the tournament’s organizer may voluntarily add additional rewards. However, the rewards should be limited to an amount the organizer can pay without difficulty.
  17. Art provided by the Fan Kit may be used within the tournament. For details, please check the Fan Kit Guidelines.
  18. As the organizer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the tournament complies with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which you reside.
  19. Organizers and tournament participants alike must adhere to all SMASH LEGENDS regulatory terms and conditions.
  20. 5minlab may take action against tournament organizers who violate the guidelines, at its discretion.
  21. For any inquiries about the guidelines or other related topics, please contact SMASH LEGENDS’ Support.
  • Requirementss:

– Anyone who loves SMASH LEGENDS can participate!

– But, to receive program rewards for your tournament, you must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Regarding Tournament Promotions (Submitting URL addresses)
    • You must upload at least 3 promotional posts for your tournament.
    • One of the promotions for your tournament must be uploaded to SMASH LEGENDS’ Discord channel #sl-promotion.
  • Regarding Tournament Streaming (Submitting Livestream and VOD URL addresses)
    • The tournament must be livestreamed on the day it takes place. (Twitch or YouTube recommended)
    • The full version of the stream must be uploaded as public.
    • If only a portion of the tournament is streamed, the unstreamed portions must be replaced with edited videos before they are uploaded.
  • Application & Procedures:

– Once your application passes the screening process, rewards will be distributed according to the plan you wrote for reward distribution! 

* The application and screening results will require between one and two weeks to process, respectively.
* You can access SMASH LEGENDS’ Support page within the game in Settings.

  • Distributed Rewards per Tier:

– The distribution of rewards varies by tier based on the number of participants in the tournament.

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