7/5(Tue) Update Notes

Hello, this is SMASH LEGENDS!

On Tuesday, July 5th, the game will undergo maintenance for a new update.
Please keep in mind that you will not be able to access the game during maintenance.

✅ Maintenance Period

  • – 2022/07/05 04:00 ~ 08:59 10:00 (UTC+0)
    → 2022/07/05 13:00 ~ 17:59 19:00 (KST)

*Maintenance period may be subject to change.

Below are details on the changes to be made in the update.

*All screenshots were taken on the test server, and may differ from the official release.
Please refer below for details.

New Update

💖 New Legend Added 💖

  • New Legend [Maya] added.

💖 Introducing Maya
: Maya is a tiny girl, and a member of Hook’s Freebooters. She was originally living in the Undercity of Synop City, where she created a band of thieves of moles and rats. But after finding Umbra’s secret robot and taking it for herself, she now lives as a pirate roaming the skies.

💖 Maya’s Ability
1) Elegant Attack (Basic Attack, Attack Count: 2hits)
Uses G-Love’s fingers to attack, dealing a total of 500 damage. When used as Aerial Attack, it flicks its finger at the opponent, slightly knocking the target backwards on hit and dealing 400 damage.

2) Graceful Maneuvering (Skill)
Hops forward and slams its hand on the opponent, dealing 600 damage. When used as Aerial Skill, it dives down to smack the ground with its palm, dealing 500 damage. When accelerating, it charges forward with super armor. On successful hit, Maya does an additional back kick to stun the enemy, dealing a total of 600 damage.

3) Go, G-Love! (Ultimate)
Maya gathers her strength for a second, then charges forward, dealing 700 damage.

💖 Maya’s Ability (At level 1)
1) Absurd!
When not receiving damage for 5 s, decreases damage received from opponent’s next attack by 26% for 1 s.

2) Get out of my way!
Hitting opponent with follow-up attack of her enhanced Skill increases the opponent’s damage received by 30% for 1.5 s.

3) Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!
After reviving or acquiring an item, Maya enters acceleration mode by moving for 0.5 s. In acceleration mode, she gains an additional 0% Movement Speed.

4) I’m No Weakling!
Increases max HP by 8%, and decreases the duration of stun and freeze by 25%.

5) Follow Me! (Rare Ability)
Decreases gauge charge required for Ultimate by 18%. When using Ultimate, charges forward and leaves behind a trail of wind for 3 s. Increases Movement Speed by 20%< for 3 s to teammates within the trail of wind.

💖 How to Obtain Maya
– Maya is available as a reward for reaching Stage 10 of the paid Smash Pass Chapter 3.
– After Smash Pass Chapter 3 concludes, Gumi will be available in the Shop for purchase with Gems or Credits.

🎉 Beginning of Smash Pass Chapter 3 🎉

– Smash Pass Regular Season, [Chapter 3: One Day I Encountered the Prince of My Dreams!] begins.
: The season notification page will be displayed in-game when you first login after the update.
: You can view the new Smash Pass Toon by pressing the “Smash Pass Toon” button at the Smash Pass page.
: You can obtain Skins, Profile Icons, Fashion Items, Revive Effects, Booster Items, and much more by progressing the Smash Pass.
: You can obtain the new Legend, “Maya”, after purchasing the paid Smash Pass and reaching Stage 10.

– There are two ways to use Gems to purchase the paid Smash Pass.
: Method 1: Spend 200 Gems and unlock additional rewards.
: Method 2: Spend 300 Gems to unlock additional rewards and start progression from Stage 10.
– When starting from Stage 10, you will obtain the new Legend “Maya” immediately upon purchase.

🎊 Arena Slots Changed 🎊

■ Main mode changed as well as changes to Arena Slot configuration and entry condition.

1) Duo Touchdown (Requirement: Smasher level 1 or higher)
: Duo Touchdown is now an official mode in SMASH LEGENDS! You can now play it anytime you want!

2) Team Touchdown (Requirement: Smasher level 5 or higher)
: Team Touchdown is now the main mode of SMASH LEGENDS. 

3) Arena Lab (Requirement: Smasher level 10 or higher)

4) Team Mode Rotation (Requirement: Smasher level 12 or higher)
: This is a newly added slot, and will change modes every 5 hours.
 ㄴ Dominion. Team Deathmatch, Duo Deathmatch, Crown Guard

5) Duel (Requirement: Smasher level 15 or higher)

6) Competitive Match (Requirement: Smasher level 20 or higher, 6 or more level 5 Legends)

💠 New Team Touchdown Map

– A new Team Touchdown map “Girl’s Flying Trunk” has been added!
– Be sure to try out the new Team Touchdown map with its fresh new gimmick!

✔ Note
– Please check out the “SMASH LEGENDS Library Guide” for more details!

🎊 July’s Arena Lab 🎊

– In July’s Arena Lab, 4 new modes will be playable: Arcade Survival, Harvest, Magic Fortune Cookie, and Harvest War.
– One new slot will open in order every Tuesday starting from July 5th 16:00 KST.

❗ 1st Week (After July,5~): Arcade Survival

– Number of Players : 6 players
– Type of play : Sole play
– Collect 2 types of watermelons that spawn on the field to earn points. You win by having the most points.

❗ 2nd Week (After July, 12th~ ): Harvest

– Number of Players : 4 players
– Type of play : Sole play
– The player who harvests the most fruit for the most points will win.
– Harvest mandrake fruit to earn points.

❗ 3rd Week (After July, 19th~ ): Magic fortune cookie

– Number of Players : 8 players
– Type of play : Sole play
– It shares the same ruleset as Battle Royale, but with a special rule.

❗ 4th Week (After July, 26th~ ): Harvest War

– Number of Players : 6 players
– Type of play : 3vs3/Team play
A 3vs3 team mode where the team with the most points wins.
Harvest mandrake fruit and earn points.

✔ Note
– Modes available for Arena Lab may be subject to change with each update.

✔ Please check out the “SMASH LEGENDS Library Guide” for more details regarding Arena Lab and its modes you can play!

🥉🥈🥇End of Competitive Match Season 2 🥇🥈🥉

– The second season of Competitive Match finished with a bang!

– We are distributing rewards to Smashers who participated in Season 2 based on their tiers!
– Special rewards are also available to those who played 20 Competitive Matches or more regardless of their tiers.
– Use awesome Competitive Match-only rewards to show off your skills!

📢Deactivation of the Competitive Match System📢
– The Competitive Match system will be deactivated for the next 4 weeks so that Smashers can show off their skills in competitive matches after they have had enough time to familiarize themselves with the new main mode ‘Team Touchdown’.

 🧥New Legends Skins

– New Legend skin theme “Summer” has been added.
– Equipping “Summer” skins will change your Legends’ effects to the theme exclusive in-game effects!

ㄴSummer Fairy & Ocean Fairy & White Sand Fairy (Flare)

ㄴ Summer Dokkaebi & Ocean Dokkaebi & Beach Dokkaebi (Ravi)  

ㄴ Eager Avenger & Summer Avenger & Ocean Avenger (Rapunzel)

– Get Kaiser’s “Prince” skins with Smash Pass 3!

ㄴEmperor’s Shadow & Crown Prince (Kaiser)

– New skins are found in Shop, and you can practice using Legends equipped with them.
– Purchase Skin Packages for a better value.

🎉  2022 Summer Festival   🎉

– 2022 Summer Festival is here to blow away the hot summer heat!
– Complete Team Touchdown Quests during the event and claim event exclusive rewards!
– The Lobby and BGM was changed to match the 2022 Summer Festival.
– Not only that but during the event, the items that spawn in Arcade Survival will be changed to water balloons, tropical juice, and ice cream! So have a summer party in Arena Lab!

🎉 Credit Hot time Event 🎉

-A Credit Hot Time Event will be held for the duration listed below, allowing you to earn more credits while playing the game.

– Obtain 100% more Credit for some time.
– Any additional Credits earned will not be deducted from the Credit cap.

⚡ New features ⚡

■ Accelerated Gem Growth Feature Added
– Now, Smashers can level up Legends to level 10 faster and easier using Gems!
– This feature will be available next to the Upgrade button in the Legend details page, and you will be able to preview how much your Legend will grow on the Legend details pop-up!


■ Player-to-player Feedback Feature Improved
– Players can now give “Likes” to other players after a match!
– Try sending “Likes” to teammates after the match ends!

■ Smash License System Added
– A Smash License System where new Smashers can learn the game by completing missions and earn rewards has been added.
– Clear all the missions and get a Legend Ticket!

■ Arena Lab Quests Added in Smash Pass
– Quests for Arena Lab have been added in the Smash Pass’ Chapter Quests.
– For more details on the quests, check them out in the Smash Pass.

⚡ Changes and Improvements ⚡

■ Smash Pass Rewards and Quests Adjusted
– Paid / Free Smash Pass Experience Boost now received in Credits.
 ㄴ Free: “200” Credits per 1 Experience Boost
 ㄴ Paid: “1,000” Credits per 1 Experience Boost
All Experience Boosts are changed regardless of their duration.
– Now rewards 200 Credit to stages with no rewards in “Free Smash Pass”.
– Change rewards in stages 12, 20, 36 of “Free Smash Pass” from Experience Boost (1 day) → Credit Boost (1 day).
– Stage 6 reward for Paid / Free Smash Pass has been changed to the following.
 ㄴ Free: Emoji (Common) → 200 Credits
 ㄴ Paid: Emoji (Common) → 1,000 Credits

■ Arena Slot Content and Profile Statistics Changed
– Arena Slot’s configuration order changed to Duo Touchdown, Team Touchdown (Normal), Team Touchdown (Draft Pick), and Team Mode Rotation, Arena Lab, and Duel.

– Statistics changed to allow separate viewing per mode according to the changes in Arena Slot’s configuration.

■ Legends/Ability Balance Update
– Please check datils in Balancing Update Note

■ New Seasonal Trial Legends
– Seasonal Trial Legends have been renewed (four Legends).

Obtain Ultimate Ability as an additional reward for reaching 5 points in Legend Road.
  ㄴ Smashers who purchased the paid Legend Roads will also get an additional reward.
– First Win Bonus reset time is now changed to 22 hours after receiving the bonus.
– MVP requirements for Team Touchdown and Duo Touchdown are changed, and players can check out the statistics in Results.
– The color of the message that appears when the game ends now varies depending on the outcome of the match. (Win: Blue / Draw: Gray / Lose: Red)

🛠 Bug Fixes 🛠

■ Miscellaneous
– Fixed an issue where the ESC button would not work after entering a Custom Match.
– Fixed an issue where linking the account to Steam would start players back at the tutorial screen.
– Fixed an issue where your friends’ timestamps did not accurately reflect how long they were actually logged off. 

❗Any and all details of the update may be subject to change.

Thank you.