3/28 (Tue) Update Notes (added, edited)

Hello, this is SMASH LEGENDS!

On Tuesday, March 28th, the game will undergo maintenance for a new update.
Please keep in mind that you will not be able to access the game during maintenance.

✅ Maintenance Period

  • 2023/03/28 04:00 ~ 08:59 07:59  (UTC+0)
    → 2023/03/28 13:00 ~ 17:59 16:59 (KST)

*Maintenance period may be subject to change.

Below are details on the changes to be made in the update.

※ All screenshots were taken on the test server and may differ from the official release.
Please refer below for the details.

🎊 Goldie’s Advanced Warning?! 🎊

After hearing about Witch Queen’s dinner party to commemorate SMASH LEGEND’s 2nd Smashversary, the rebel Goldie is here to crash the party!
Find Goldie’s hidden messages during the event to obtain surprise rewards!

 Event 1. 

Goldie sees Ravi dressed unlike his usual self and gets annoyed. So she has hidden a ridiculous picture of him somewhere in the banquet hall.
Find Goldie’s message and receive a special Ravi icon during the dinner party!

 Event 2.

Goldie has prepared special portraits of Legends who were not invited to Witch Queen’s dinner party.
You can check out these special illustrations for a limited time on our website’s Legends tab!

🎈Shop Products🎈

✨Golden Legend
– One new Golden Legend skin will be added!

⚡ Changes and Improvements ⚡

■ Legend/Ability Balance Changes
– For details on balance changes, please read the “Balance Update Note”.
– You can now try out certain Abilities in the Ability Selection window.
– The design layout of Robin’s Ability icons has been modified to align with the Ability specifications.

■ Miscellaneous
– Functionality of Trophy Road and Sponsor improved.

🛠 Bug Fix ⚒

– Fixed an issue where UI for Prudent Beam would not display correctly in certain situations
– Fixed an issue where Prudent Beam would activate twice in [Try].

❗Any and all details of the update may be subject to change.

Thanks for checking out the update notes so far.
I am leaving a small gift in hopes that you will enjoy playing Smash Legends more in the future. 🎁

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Thank you.