‘Win against Developers’ Event

Hello, Smashers! Greetings from the SMASH LEGENDS Team!

For those who wish to make unforgettable memories with SMASH LEGENDS, we have prepared a very special surprise event!

The long-awaited ‘Win against Developers’ event will be held today in less than 3 hours!
Get, Set, Smash and win against developers!
Please tune in for the exciting matches and a surprise gift!

🎉 Win against Developers Event 🎉

✅ Event
– Enjoy SMASH LEGENDS with the developers!
Developer Team vs Player Team Battle Opportunities and a surprise gift for Smashers!

✅ Event Period
– 2022/05/20 19:00 ~ 21:00 (KST)
– 2022/05/20 10:00 ~ 12:00 (UTC+0)

✅ Event Details
1) Requirements
– Smashers who enjoy SMASH LEGENDS

2) How to participate
– Visit the SMASH LEGENDS official YouTube channel to watch the event stream.
– Use the team code revealed during the event stream to participate in the event.

3) Event Details
– Participants will join as the Player Team and go against the Developer Team in a total of 5 games.
– 19:00–19:30: Dominion (3 games)
– 19:40–20:00: User Recommended Modes (2 games)

4) Event Format
– Each team will consist of either 3 developers or 3 players, making ten teams in total, and teams will face off in single-round Custom Dominion Matches.

5) Surprise Gift
The gift will be revealed during the event! Please look forward to the gift!

✅ Note
– Please note that this surprise event will be hosted mainly in Korean.
– The games will take place in the host’s region server (Korea), and players from other regions may experience suboptimal connections.
– Accounts of users who participate in the event may have their accounts shown in SMASH LEGENDS YouTube videos.
– Footage taken during the event may be used for future marketing purposes.
– We assume that by participating in the event, you agree to have your gameplay filmed and be used for marketing purposes.
– Accounts of developers participating in the event will be temporary accounts that will not be used in the future.
– All event matches will be carried out through Custom Matches.
– This event may be subject to a change in schedule due to unforeseen circumstances.

Thank you.