SMASH LEGENDS Statistics Website Open

Hi Smashers,


For smashers who have difficulties selecting legends’ abilities or want to know more about legends’ detailed statistics, we have opened, a website where you can find out about each legends’ introduction, stats, and detailed statistics! 

Go to website:

<How to use>

  1. If you click each legends’ icon below legend summary, you can check the information about the name of the legend, winrate, ability, easy/hard matchup, good/bad synergy.

In advanced statistics part, you can check detailed statistics information about legends/ability/smasher.

2. In the legend slot, you can check detailed information about legend winrate/pickrate based on period, tier, mode. You can also check information about winrate/pickrate based on region and map.

3. In the ability slot, you can check information about ability winrate/pickrate based on period and tier. You can also check information about winrate/pickrate for each legend combination based on their synergy when they are together.

4. In the smasher slot, you can check information about your ranking, the number of times you played in Competitive season, and where you are located in the top % by entering your smasher code.

We hope you have fun playing the game by getting more useful information about SMASH LEGENDS through, and please use a lot.

Thank you.