SMASH LEGENDS Guide and Tips Video Contest

Hey, Smashers!
Do you remember the day you first met SMASH LEGENDS?
Or what about the struggles of growing your Legends and finding new strategies for winning?
How about sharing your experiences with beginning Smashers?

Show them your secrets for playing SMASH LEGENDS!
Make a SMASH LEGENDS guide video to teach newcomers!
Those selected few will receive rewards and be introduced in the official social media channels! 🎬

🎬 SMASH LEGENDS Guide and Tips Video Contest 🎬

✅ Contest Schedule
1) Application Period
2022/12/01(Thu) 16:00 ~ 2022/12/16(Fri) 16:00 (KST)
2022/12/01(Thu) 07:00 ~ 2022/12/16(Fri) 07:00 (UTC+0)

2) Date of Winners Announcement: After Dec. 23, 2022 (KST)
* Announced on SMASH LEGENDS’ Official Website

✅ Submission Requirements
– Anyone who enjoys SMASH LEGENDS can participate!

✅ Submission Topic
– A tutorial video guide for SMASH LEGENDS’ newcomers.

– Below is an example.
ex1) How to Quickly Clear Smash License
ex2) Full Combo Command Guides for Every Legend
ex3) How to Win in Every Mode
ex4) Acquiring Enchantment Pieces and Character Building

✅ Submission Guide
1) Record a video about a topic that you want to teach to beginning Smashers!

2) Upload it on YouTube with all the required hashtags.
* Required Hashtags: #SMASHLEGENDS #smashlegendsguide #smashlegendstip
* There are no restrictions in length or format of the video. (Shorts are also allowed)

3) Register your uploaded video to the Submission Form!
* You can increase your odds of winning the raffle if you enter the URL of where you promoted your uploaded video on social media.

✅ Prizes

Prizes will be awarded based on the number of views and a raffle.

– Raffle Award (20 winners): Gems x200

– Tour Guide Award (videos with 10k–99,999 views): Special Enchantment Box x30

– Local Guide Award (videos with 100k–499,999 views): Special Enchantment Box x100

– Elite Guide Award (videos with 500k–999,999 views): Special Enchantment Box x100, Guaranteed Enchantment Box x20

– Official Tutorial Award (videos with 1M and above views) Special Enchantment Box x100, Guaranteed Enchantment Box x50

* All view prizes are awarded to Smashers whose videos reach the targeted number of views.
* The number of views on the video gets counted on 21st December (Wed) KST 16:00, which is the end of the event.
* Winning videos will be posted on the official SMASH LEGENDS social media channel and Hot Clip menu.

✅ Note
– Formerly uploaded guides can also be submitted.
– You must fill out and submit the Submission Form in order to complete the registration.
– Enter a draw as many as possible but will not affect the draw.
– Engaging in any of the following may result in you being exempt from the contest.

  1. Submitting a video with content that does not match the purpose of SMASH LEGENDS Guide
  2. Submitting a stolen or plagiarized video
  3. Submitting a video that contains offensive content, such as nudity and violence

– Submitted videos should comply with applicable laws, such as the Copyright Act, and the uploader is responsible for any disputes that may occur.
– Awarded videos may be used in the future for marketing purposes. Receiving the prizes constitutes consent to the Privacy Protection and marketing use.
– Prizes cannot be claimed after their expiration date. Please make sure to claim them before they expire.
– Prizes may not be transferred to a third party or replaced with another product or cash of equal value.
– The schedule and details of the contest may be subject to change.

Thank you.