[Show Me Your Smash – Timun] Video Contest

Hey there, Smashers!
How are you liking the new Legend, Timun?
We are hosting a gameplay video contest, [Show Me Your Smash – Timun] where you can submit cool gameplay clips of Timun!

💥 [Show Me Your Smash – Timun] Video Contest 💥

✅ Event Period
– Submission Period: 9:00 Monday, Aug 21st – 9:00 Friday, Aug 8th (UTC)
– Video Voting Period: 9:00 Monday, Aug 21st – 4:00 Monday, Sep 11th (UTC)
– Winner Announcement: After 6:00 Friday, Sep 15th (KST) *Exclude the Creative Award

✅ How to Participate

1. Video Submission Guide
– Upload a video of awesome Timun gameplays you’ve witness on our official Discord channel, #smys-timun! (Multiple submissions allowed)
– You can send us moments of great plays you’ve made as Timun, as well as memorable plays your opponents have made as Timun.

– You can upload the video through one of the methods below.

  1. Upload the video file.
  2. Enter the link of the video after uploading it to your YouTube channel.

2. Video Voting Guide
– Leave a Ducky emoji on a video you like among the videos that have been uploaded on the official Discord server‘s #smys-timun!

– Your votes will determine the winner!

✅ Rewards
– The following rewards will be given to the owners of videos with the highest Ducky emoji count.

  • Grand Award (1 winner): 1000 Gems + 15,000 Event Tokens
  • Gold Award (2 winners): 400 Gems + 15,000 Event Tokens
  • Silver Award (3 winners): 200 Gems + 15,000 Event Tokens
  • Bronze Award (150 winners): 50 Gems
  • Raffle Award (3 winners): SMASH LEGENDS Official Merch Set
  • Creative Award (undecided): 500 Gems

* Grand Award and Gold Award entries will be posted on SMASH LEGENDS Hot Clips after the event ends! (Until Sep 29th)
* Event Tokens will be used for the new skin event that is planned for August 29th. Please refer to the Update Note that will be posted on August 25th for more details.

✅ Note
– Submitted clips may be used for SMASH LEGENDS marketing purposes. Participation in this event constitutes consent to marketing use.
– The Creative Award will be given based on the marketing performance of the video. After the winning works are announced, we will contact the winners separately to provide the rewards.
– Engaging in any of the following may result in you being exempt from the event..

  • If the video contains the use of any unauthorized programs
  • If the video contains any inappropriate content
  • If you submit someone else’s video
  • Submitting a video without Timun in it
  • If the owner of the video has an inappropriate account name or clan name
  • If you have uploaded the video to a different channel

– Even if multiple videos entered the rankings due to duplicate submissions, only the video with the highest number of votes will receive the prize.
– In the event that multiple videos were submitted in a single chat, the video selected for the highlights will be chosen arbitrarily by the organizers as the representative video.
– Videos will be judged based on the number of votes per video, and will be judged individually even if you submit multiple videos.
– Once the event ends, winners will be sent a DM through Discord for rewards.
– Once the event ends, winners may be asked to share their address, name, and contacts for the purpose of prize delivery. Refusing to comply may exempt you from receiving the reward.
– If you submit multiple videos of the same content, only the video with the most votes will be judged.
– In the case of game items, you will not be able to receive your rewards in your mailbox once the redemption period has expired. Please receive your rewards before the expiration period.
– Prizes may not be transferred to a third party or replaced with another product or cash of equal value.
– The schedule and details of the event may be subject to change.

Thank you!