Official Korean Tournament Participant Announcement

Hello, this is SMASH LEGENDS.

We will be announcing the 8 teams that will be participating in the Official Korean Tournament!
The teams were chosen through a draw.

🎉 Official Korean Tournament Participant List 🎉

* The list of teams has been changed partially due to a team no longer wanting to participate.

The chosen teams will receive an invite to a private tournament channel in the SMASH LEGENDS Discord server today.
Please be aware we will be announcing the tournament details through this channel.

The tournament will be streamed live on 1/27 (Fri)!

🎥 Official Korean Tournament Stream Notice 🎥

✅ Stream Channel
– The tournament will be streamed live on the SMASH LEGENDS official YouTube channel!
– Dev PK, the director of SMASH LEGENDS, will be commentating the tournament, so tune in!
– Don’t miss out on the special coupons that will be revealed during the tournament!


✅ Stream Date
– 1/27 (Fri) 7 P.M. (KST)

✅ Note
– The team name of the participants will be shown as the in-game nickname of the leader of the team.
– This event may be subject to change due to unforeseen issues or internal circumstances.


Thank you.