May Banned Players Notice

Hello Smashers,
Today we are here to announce that actions against abnormal in-game behavior have been taken accordingly.
We have issued temporary bans to the players who have been reported to the customer support.
You will not be able to access the game for a certain period of time if you are suspended for abnormal in-game behavior,
so please be extra careful with your behavior in game.

[Banned Players List]

  • Total Number of Banned Players: 54
  • Ban Period: 3 months

* Other players with inappropriate nicknames that make players frown were forced to change their names.
* For personal information protection, only parts of the nicknames are listed.
* If you have further inquiries regarding this issue, please contact our customer support.

SMASH LEGENDS will continue to monitor and take actions against any abnormal activities in game.

For those who repetitively show abnormal in-game behavior,
we may issue permanent bans, and we will not take any responsibilities in regard to the loss of in-game items.
We promise to do our best to ensure a fair game environment for every Smasher.

Thank you for your cooperation.