Jun 14th (Wed) Server Instability due to AWS data center

Dear Smashers,

There is an issue that is causing instability on the game server in relation to AWS data center issues.

We offer our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

With all our hearts, we have decided to offer a small reward to the Smashers.

Rewards can be received in your mailbox by 8 am on June 16th(UTC).

Please refer to the below for details.

✅ Issue details
– Instability on the game server due to AWS data center issues

✅ Issue date
– KST) Jun 14th  3:50 AM ~ 7:50 AM
– UTC) Jun 14th 11:50 PM ~ 3:50 PM

✅ Rewards
– 1 Super Enchantment Box, 1000 Credits

We will inform you all via an update in this notice as soon as we have more updates regarding this issue.

Once again, we apologize for the issue and thank you for your understanding.