Happy 2023, Smashers!

Hello! Dev PK here!
Happy New Year, it’s 2023!

2022 represented a turning point for SMASH LEGENDS. With the major patch on March 15, we worked hard to make our game something that more Smashers could enjoy for years to come through Competitive Match, a new main mode, and Arena Lab. However, we fell short of expectations.

Until last May, we made numerous attempts to improve the game by releasing new content, and a new Legend every month. However, we quickly realized that the game was still lacking in many ways that would allow us to provide a better service in the long run.
So from June on, we took time to reorganize the game. I was heartbroken to witness the frustration of so many players as the steady inflow of new content and communication dried up. Nonetheless, we have been working tirelessly day and night to improve our service to all of our Smashers. And thanks to everyone who has waited so patiently, we finally have some room to offer you the services you have requested!
Although 2022 has been a rough ride, the team and I would like to thank you all sincerely for sticking with us and supporting SMASH LEGENDS.

In 2023, the SMASH LEGENDS team intends to prioritize two goals: introducing SMASH LEGENDS to as many people as possible, and ensuring that first-time players experience the core fun of our game and continue playing.

Now, we would like to show you a glimpse of some of the updates scheduled for 2023.

 1. Clans

The development of Clans in SMASH LEGENDS has finally started! We are planning to release this with only a few features at first, and then add more based on all your feedback. We are thrilled to see Smashers discussing the game in clans and their continued enjoyment.

 2. Trophy Road

In addition to the Daily and Chapter Quests available in Smash Pass, we plan to develop Trophy Road so that Smashers can enjoy the game with more mid to long-term goals. You can earn a plethora of rewards by completing various accomplishments and collecting trophies.

 3. Hosting Regular Tournaments

We are also planning to host regular tournament events that many Smashers have been wanting for a long time. We hope to host monthly tournaments on both small and large scales to give you more ways to enjoy SMASH LEGENDS. However, this is still in the works, so please be patient as we begin with small-scale tournaments. We promise you a global tournament like the one we had last year by the end of 2023!

In addition, the team is working hard to add new Legends and skins on a regular basis, as well as open various events, so that our Smashers can enjoy an abundance of content. Furthermore, we are currently working to improve our communication with the community and our creators, which we recognize has been somewhat lacking.

We hope that this year is better than the last for everyone and that each of you has a fun, exciting day with SMASH LEGENDS throughout the whole year.
Keep on smashin’!