Fanart Contest for Your Most Cherished Legends

Hey, Smashers!
Smashers, which of the many Legends in SMASH LEGENDS do you like the most?

Those who want to create and share fanart of the Legend they love the most!
For those Smashers, SMASH LEGENDS has prepared a place for you.
That’s right! We are holding the “Fanart Contest for Your Most Cherished Legends”!
Please show off your wonderful art skills! 🎨

Fanart Contest for Your Most Cherished Legends

Contest Schedule
– 2022/06/15(Wed) 16:00 ~ 2022/07/04(Mon) 16:00 (KST)
– 2022/06/15(Wed) 07:00 ~ 2022/07/04(Mon) 07:00 (UTC+0)

Contest Details
1) Participation Requirements
– Anyone who loves SMASH LEGENDS can participate.

2) How to Participate
– Draw your favorite Legend and post your art on Twitter or Discord, and you’re done!
(You can also enter with a hand-drawn art or a GIF)

– How to participate on Twitter: Tweet your fanart with the hashtags #SMASHLEGENDS #SLFanart2022.

<Entry Example (Twitter)>* Please indicate the artist/title with a hashtag.

– Discord: Upload your fanart with the entry keyword [SLFanart2022] and the artist/title to the #Fanart channel.

<Entry Example (Discord)>

* When you upload your art and the entry keyword separately, or use spaces between the entry keyword, your entry may not be counted. Please ensure there are no spaces in the entry keyword when entering.

Contest Prizes
– Among participating Smashers, 35 people will be randomly chosen to receive the prizes below.

– Library World Prize (5 winners): 500 Gems

– Smash Prize (10 winners): SMASH LEGENDS Stationery Set

– Legend Prize (20 winners): SMASH LEGENDS Acrylic Stand Set
* All winners will have their work posted on a separate winner’s work page.

Contest Results Announcement Date
– After Thursday, July 14, 2022 (KST)

– Engaging in any of the following may result in you being exempt from the contest.

  1. Fanart contains explicit sexual or violent content
  2. Participating by stealing or plagiarizing others’ fanart
  3. Fanart is not suitable to the theme or content of the contest 

– Upon winning the contests, players’ fanart will be revealed on the winner’s page.
– The winners will be contacted through the following channels after the contest ends.

  1. Twitter: DM to winning account
  2. Discord: DM to winning account

– We assume that by your participation in the contest, you agree to our Privacy Policy and your artwork to be used for marketing purposes.
– The winners may be required to consent to the collection of their name, address, and contact information in order for their prizes to be shipped. If you disagree with these terms, your results may be null and void.
– In the case of game items, you will not be able to receive your rewards in your mailbox once the redemption period has expired. Please receive your rewards before the expiration period.
– Prizes may not be transferred to a third party or replaced with another product or cash of equal value.
– The schedule and details of the contest may be subject to change.
– The cost related to the delivery of the winner’s prize will be borne by 5 Minlab.

Thank you.