[Ep.4] Ask Legends Anything!

Hey there, Smashers!
It is time to answer your questions about your favorite Legends from Library World!
It’s time for the 4th episode of “Ask Legends Anything!(A.L.A)”

“A.L.A” is content where Legends will occasionally be answering Smasher’s
frequently asked questions about Legends and Library World.

Today, continuing on from our 3rd entry, we will be revealing questions that the Legends have taken the time to answer so far!

❓Answers from the Legends Ep. 4❕

Ravi. Hello. How are you feeling? Could we ask for a quick interview?

Q1. Why is it that you feel unpleasant emotions when you see Cindy?
You do seem very nervous whenever you see Cindy…

Tsk. And here I thought you actually had a good question for me…
The shoes she wears. Glass Slippers, was it?
Those shoes just set something off within me… It’s probably got something to do with my power or these gauntlets.
Also, did you say… nervous? Me? That’s a load of bull! It’s just that I feel uncomfortable when I see the shoes she wears!

Q2. Do you feel threatened by her strength? Are you scared of her? Or is her personality too much for you?

Scared? What’d you say?! Who do you think I am?!
I don’t like her because those shoes of hers radiate an aura that’s incompatible with my dark powers!
And… Seeing such a beaming girl reminds me of someone else.


Oh… I apologize for the question. Here’s a different question on a lighter note.

Q3. What’s your favorite food?

It doesn’t matter as long as it’s quickly served and can be easily eaten with one hand. I don’t like getting my gauntlets dirty.

Nui, hello there. Care to answer some questions for us?

Of course. Anything I can do to help.

Q4. What food do you like most?

Rice cakes that my mother makes. We couldn’t eat them often because we had to sell them… But I still can’t forget the taste.

Q5. When you perform your ultimate, The Sun Shall Rise, I saw that your sun halo float behind your back enlarges in size and shoot out huge sun beam, do you feel hot when you do it?

Oh, is that so? I wasn’t aware. It’s always behind me, so I can’t really get a good look at it…
This is called the Heavenly Seal. My mother made it for me so that I can control the power of the sun better.
It sometimes gets hot because of the sunlight beaming from it, but I myself don’t really feel it.
My mother says that it’s because I was destined to become the sun.


Thank you.

Rambert, could you perhaps give us a quick interview?
There are so many things that people would like to know about you!

…What might that be?

Q6. How tall are you?

Around 174cm last I checked. Thought I’d be taller. As for my age, I guess I’d be middle-aged in human years.

Q7. You mentioned that you used to be a bounty hunter on your own before joining SMASH LEGENDS. Do you ever reminisce about your hometown and the other sheep there?

My hometown and the other sheep… Sometimes. But those are all things I’ve turned my back on.

Q8. What do you usually do when there’s nothing to do? Have you tried making wool pelts with your own wool?

I usually sell my wool for some pocket money, but I do sometimes knit with any leftovers. It’s all right for killing time and kicking it back a bit.
Other than that, I go hunting for some hunting gear. The better shape you keep your gun in, the better.


Q9. Among all the Legends in SMASH LEGENDS, is there anyone you trust to some extent or anyone you’ve had the time to chat with?

I don’t suppose I have anyone I’m too close with. But I did run into Rapunzel a couple times while on jobs at Synop City.
She ain’t a bounty hunter, but she was there when I was chasing Umbra goons. She’s a good lass. Cautious, not one to trust others easily, and reserved.

Q10. I heard that you wanted to buy a new gun when you win a good sum of bounty. What kind of gun do you want to buy when that time comes?

My “partner” ain’t too bad, but I do think getting a newer and better model might make hunting a bit easier.
However, I have been with my partner for quite some time now. There is a model I’ve been keeping an eye on, but I’m still thinking about it.


Q11. What’s your secret to being a sharpshooter?

Breathe deeply. Be calm. And be bold.

Q12. Is there anything else that you’re as confident in as your marksmanship? Like cooking, maybe?

I think I’m getting better at knitting.
I suppose I do cook often since I camp outside a lot, but I can’t say if I’m any good at it. I’ve never cooked for others before.


Q13. What kind of foods do you like?


And for the last question… Oh, this isn’t a question. It’s a fan letter. I’ll read it out for you.

[Rambert, you’re so cool!! I’ve fallen for you at first sight.
I’m always watching your amazing matches.
And I would love to see you in new clothes as well.]

Pleasure’s mine.

Oh, and we seem to have found Wolfgang over there.

Hello, Wolfgang! Could we ask you for a short interview for the fans?

…All right.

Q14. Do you ever invite or get invited by Master Cat to just hangout and/or reminisce for old times sake?

No comment. I’m not in a position to be able to easily answer that.

Q15. What’s your favorite drink? Are you more of a coffee or tea guy?

If I had to say, I would prefer tea. But, I don’t dislike coffee.

Q16. Does Red know that you knew her Grandmother?

I believe she is aware. But I’ve never brought it up with her since I know how she would react.

Q17. Are you really Red’s Grandpa?

To be exact, I wouldn’t be her actual grandfather.

Q18. What do you usually do when you’re off-duty?

Since I only have fools as my underlings, I don’t get much free time. But I try to keep my garden tidy.
But, whether it’s because the Undercity of Synop City isn’t a hospitable environment, or because I’m too busy to care for them, all the plants seem to wither.

Thank you! We hope that your fans will be able to check out this interview!

As for the next question, I think I will be able to provide an answer.

Q19. I couldn’t figure out what fairytale Timun is based in, so I would like to know!

Timun is from the Indonesian folktale, Timun Mas.

And lastly… Umm… This one’s a peculiar question…

Q20. Which Legend does the training bot hate the most?

Hello? Mr. Training Bot?

Could you answer a question for us?

We’re terribly sorry, the training bot doesn’t seem to be keen on giving us an answer!

That’s all for today’s “Ask Legends Anything!”

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