[Ep.3] Ask Legends Anything!

Hey there, Smashers!
It is time to answer your questions about your favorite Legends from Library World!
It’s time for the third episode of “Ask Legends Anything!(A.L.A)”

“A.L.A” is content where Legends will occasionally be answering Smasher’s
frequently asked questions about Legends and Library World.

Today, continuing on from our second entry, we will be revealing questions that the Legends have taken the time to answer so far!

❓Answers from the Legends Ep. 2❕

Victor, hello! Could we ask you for a short interview?

Yes, what is it?

Q1. How do you usually spend your days? Are you taking good care of your health? Sleeping and eating well?

Of course. The human body has certain needs that must be met or else it will fail to function.

Q2. They say you will take care of anything if asked. Is that true?

Certainly. If your interests and mine align, that is.

Q3. What’s the name of that boy that seems to visit you often? (The boy from Smash Toon)

I’m not so idle as to remember every little detail like that.

Q4. What did you study in college? Did you graduate?

I did my course in natural philosophy.

Q5. Where does your Frankontainer keep coming from?

Let’s just say it’s state-of-the art technology.

Q6. I don’t think anyone’s ever really seen you not wearing your glasses. Do you have bad eyesight? Could you tell us what your exact vision is?

I do not wish to share such information about my body.

Q7. Are you unaware that you are actually quite dashing?

I’ve never thought much about outward appearances, so I’m not sure I understand why you’re asking such a question. As long as you’re not so hideous as to be otherworldly, does it really matter?

Q8. I’ve read your story. How do you feel about your creation (the monster) being typically called by your name (Frankenstein) and being portrayed as having green skin with stakes coming out of its neck and head? Did you come to this world right after creating the monster or before?

…Ah, looks like I have a guest. My apologies, but it looks like I’ll have to excuse myself for now.

Oh, yes, of course! Thank you for the interview!

Mr. Snow, hello! This time, we have a question for you.

Go on.

Q7. Who picked your summer outfits for you?

By summer outfits, do you mean “Prince of Ocean” and “Prince of Summer?”
I picked them myself… Is there an issue?
When I was young, my sister would dress me up in clothes like that. And I got quite comfortable in them as well…
It would be a shame if something were to be odd about it.


Q8. What is your skincare routine?

Since my schedules are busy, I don’t have much time to dedicate to skincare, but I’m glad if you think it’s in good condition. Dr. Octavia also mentioned that my skin was in good condition for someone who’s overworked. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a real answer.

Q9. Do you eat the apple you carry around so often? Also, would you happen to have any fun stories related to that apple?

I do eat it sometimes when I’m hungry or tired. Dr. Octavia did mention that it’s important I get my vitamins.
Apples… are one of my favorite fruits, but I’d say they remind me more about the many memories I have with my sister than any fun stories.
I apologize, but those memories aren’t something I can easily share with others. Perhaps when the time is right.


Thank you for the interview!
And this time, a question for both you and Parfait!

Q10. What are your favorite ice creams?

I believe I like sherbet the most.
I like parfaits.

Q11. Have the two of you interacted before, outside of when you had to discuss the shop acquisition (…) at Synop City?

Not in particular.
I was never that close with 7D, and I heard about the new pupil. But I never had a reason to meet him.


Thank you for the interview!

Aoi, hello! Could you give us a quick interview?

What is it?

Q12. Has your horn, or Kurenai’s, ever been broken before??

The horns of an oni possess not only great fortitude, but also serve as the wellspring of our noble pride.
Should it be broken, it only requires setting aright once more. Though it would have been most prudent to have never sundered it from the outset.
I have never had mine broken, and neither has Kurenai. At least to the best of my knowledge.


Q13. What are some differences between the way the two of you train?

As an oni, I have been instructed in the art of wielding and employing my strength with great skill.
I did not neglect mine training so that I may be deemed a valuable part of the Sage Council. Wherefore I am nigh unto the veritable might of an oni.
Nevertheless, Kurenai did strive to conceal his oni powers, yearning to draw nigh unto the humans.
I had heard he had been tutored by a mortal ninja, employing the powers and techniques of mortal men.
That would be the greatest disparity betwixt his and mine faculties.

Q14. What exactly is an oni’s power?

Onis possess innate powers that differ from mortal folk.
Greater strength, vitality, and durability, amongst other qualities.
However, all of those powers are of no avail without proper tutelage.
There are some mortals who possess the strength to hoist hundreds of kilos and traverse great lengths, spanning leagues upon leagues.
Even with a mortal vessel, they are capable of such feats by virtue of diligence and toil.
Indeed, I have honed mine powers as an oni, whilst Kurenai has cultivated his as a mortal.


Thank you for the interview!
Master Cat, hello!

Q15. It seems like your sword might take a while to fix without Alice’s technology if it breaks. Do you have a blacksmith you can take it to?

A good question. For a swordsman, a sword an extension of one’s body, but at the same time it can be expendable.
It is of first priority to fight without damaging one’s blade. The same way you would take care not to hurt yourself.
But when such a thing does happen, there are many in Synop City, who I’ve met in my long journey, that I can reach out to in order to fix or replace my blade.

Q16. If you don’t mind, could you tell us what type of cat you are, Master Cat?

I will keep that a secret.

Alright, Thank you!
Rapunzel, hello!

Q17. Taking care of your hair must be a hassle. How do you manage it?

Truth be told, it is a bit of a pain. But my hair is an extension of my body. I must keep it clean in order for it to truly demonstrate its magical abilities.
It just takes a lot of work to wash and dry. But I’ve been doing it since my story when I was in the tower, so it’s not a big deal.
And using this power that resulted from my mother’s experiments to enact vengeance on her would be the best kind of revenge. I will endure until then.


Peter, Hook!

Q18. Have you two thought about duking it out with your weapons swapped?

Swapping weapons and fighting? No way! If I won because we swapped weapons, that means the outcome’s going to be different depending on the situation. I want to be able to defeat Hook anytime and anywhere!

Oh, there’s Wukong streaming over there!

Q19. Wukong, how far can your staff extend?

My staff? Well, it can go on forever if I want it to!
…But my power levels just aren’t what it used to be since I came to Library World, and my staff isn’t in tip top shape either.
I haven’t been going too crazy with it in the SMASH LEGENDS tournaments, so I haven’t measured exactly how far it can go yet.
Hey, this could be content for my next video! I’ll give it a shot!

And lastly… Ducky!

Q20. I apologize if this may be rude, but could I pet your head?

Oh, no problem! My head is really soft. I’m sure you’ll like it! And I also like being petted!

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