[Ep.2] Ask Legends Anything!

Hey there, Smashers!
It is time to answer your questions about your favorite Legends from Library World!
It’s time for the second episode of “Ask Legends Anything!(A.L.A)”

“A.L.A” is content where Legends will occasionally be answering Smasher’s
frequently asked questions about Legends and Library World.

Thanks to all the support from our Smashers, we’ve received a ton of questions since the first episode! Thank you so much!
We would love to answer all your questions, but we will be answering questions in smaller segments since our Legends are too busy preparing for matches to be available for interviews.

Today, we will be revealing questions that the Legends have taken the time to answer so far!

❓Answers from the Legends Ep. 2❕

Master Cat, hello! We have a question about the Sage Council. Could you answer this one for us?

Very well.

Q1. Does the Sage Council know about the original creators of the stories?

Creators? What might that be?

Q2. What do the Legends think of Smashers?

All stories come to life only when someone is listening to them. To Legends, Smashers are like the listeners. There will be differences for each Legend, but Smashers are very important to us, and are the ones that give us power. If I were to go into any more detail, the Sage Council would give me an earful. I’ll leave things at that.

Q3. How fluffy is Master Cat?

I, Alice, will answer that! Master Cat left, saying, “How would I know how fluffy I am?” Have you ever hugged a cat? How about a person-sized cat? Just scale the fluffiness! Maybe it’s because he’s bigger, or maybe it’s because he has a bit more weight (Good thing he’s not here right now!), he might be even fluffier than what you would expect from his size? I tried to create cushions or sofas in his likeness, but the task was beyond even my skills.

A question for Gumi this time!

You dare to question me, brave soul? Well, I suppose you have an eye for things. You found me in a good mood. I suppose I could give you an answer.

Q4. Where do you put your tail when you sleep? Does your tail get in the way when you lie on your back?

My tail is most dear to me. It’s soft and fluffy. Great to sleep with in my arms. But I do set it aside during hot summers.

Q5. Do your fox ears get red when you get shy?

I don’t get shy of anything! So I wouldn’t know. But I suppose my fur would hide it anyway, no?

Q6.What relationship do you have with butterflies?

It’s a shape and symbol I endear. Aren’t they pretty?

Q7. How exactly do you attack enemies with your Ultimate, Vulpine Whirl?

I am not foolish enough to reveal my hand when there are matches to be fought. Well, I wouldn’t stop you from keeping an eye on my performance, I suppose! Fufu.

Q8. Out of your 9 tails, which tail do you wag when you’re excited?

Only dogs wag their tails when they’re excited! I am above that! And even if that were true, do you consciously know how and where you put your tongue when you laugh? It’s just a natural movement of mine.

Q9. What do health potions taste like to you?

I’ll leave that to your imagination, fufu.

Q10. I want to be your number 1 fan, Ms. Gumi!

Hmm? What are you babbling about? Every Smasher that cheers for me is my number 1 fan. Hmm? An idol? What are you talking about?

Q11. Does Flare’s weapon, Match Maker, have rifling?

Kehehehe! As for that question, I, the genius inventor Zeppetta, and the creator of Match Maker, will give you an answer!
Match Maker was one of my earlier inventions I made with the help of the Dark Moon Witches. I’m not very happy about having worked with the Dark Moon Witches, but their magic bullets pack quite the punch.
I modeled the look of it after a flamethrower since Flare likes that. I initially thought to make it a simple fire-breathing weapon, but I decided to make it function more like a cannon since I figured putting some distance between yourself and the target would be safer.
But it’s not meant for long-range bombardment. And since it shoots large incendiary projectiles like a cannon, a smoothbore approach was more appropriate than rifling! Considering Flare’s tendencies, it would be easier to clean and maintain that way anyway!
So, did that answer your question? Now do you see the genius of the great Zeppetta? Only one such as myself is able to create such a weapon!


Q12. Why does Rapunzel have an upside-down U on her headband?

A question for me? Hmph, I don’t have time for questions like this…
My headband was originally made by Umbra to keep me under check when they were experimenting on me. I was going to burn it when I escaped, but I realized my hair was much deadlier when parted to one side. I’ll uproot Umbra from the ground up. So I took out the control device and engraved an upside-down U on it.
I’ll overthrow Umbra. Hence, the upside-down U. I will get my revenge on Witch Queen, Umbra, and Madam Letters one day.
…Well, I hope that answered your question. Goodbye for now.

And next up is a question for Jack O’!

Q13. Do you sleep or get tired?

Unfortunately, I cannot sleep. I do feel fatigue, but I believe it’s closer to a mental strain than the fatigue you would feel in your flesh. Well, I guess I do sometimes feel weak in my mechanical knees, or my power output would drop occasionally.
Being mentally tired but not being able to sleep is more torturous than you would think. My head would be full of all kinds of thoughts at night. However, humans are adaptable creatures. (Let’s put aside whether I am human or not for now) I did get used to it in time. But I would love nothing more than a body that could eat well and sleep soundly.

Q14. Can Jack O’ swim or go underwater?

As for swimming, I am able to swim thanks to this waterproof body of mine created by Ms. Alice. But I am a bit too heavy to be a decent swimmer. And I never learned how to swim in the first place.

Q15. Will Jack O’ like the figure I made?

  A figure! Oh my! I am truly impressed. Did you know? Figures were originally objects of worship. I can feel the love and worship toward Jack O’ emanating from this piece! So, would you like to take this opportunity to discuss some business with me? I’m sure there’s plenty of money to be made off of Jack O’ figures! You can sign right here… (Said contract has been taken away due to numerous problematic articles upon review.)

Q16. I want to know about the birthdays of the 35 SMASH LEGEND characters!

Peter : Nov 20th
Cindy : May 10th
Kaiser : Apr 7th
Red : Mar 28th
Hook : Apr 15th
Alice : May 4th
Master Cat : Aug 8th
Ducky : Nov 11th
Flare : Jan 20th
Witch Queen : Mar 21st
Snow : Dec 25th
Ravi : Dec 22nd
Don Quixote : Jan 16th
Rapunzel : Mar 10th
Nui : Jun 21st
Wolfgang : Aug 13th
Robin : Aug 22nd
Octavia : Oct 8th
Jack O’ : Oct 31st
Brick : Jan 19th
Goldie : Jul 13th
Rambert : Mar 13th
Kurenai : Feb 2nd
Zeppetta : Feb 16th
YongYong : Jan 16th
Wukong : Sep 30th
Molly : Jun 22rd
Maya : Apr 2nd
Gumi : Nov 30th
Victor : Jul 30th
Loren, Vex : Oct 1st
Parfait : Dec 21st
Ali : Sep 5th
Aoi : Feb 3rd
Timun : Jun 14th

Q17. What did Hook look like when she was younger?

How did I look when I was younger? Well, every young man within twenty thousand leagues would rush to see my beautiful face whenever I entered port!
That’s what I would like to say, but being a woman pirate was tough back in the days, so I kept my identity a secret.
I would like to show you some pictures, but any portrait I had was swept away with my pirate ship in the accident when I came to Library World.


Q18. Does Cindy like spicy food?

Yep! I love spicy food! It’s great when I’m having a rough day at work.
Truth is, I’m not really picky with food. I had to eat anything to survive when I used to live with my stepmother and sisters. Haha.
And I heard there was a really spicy restaurant at Xanadu. Maybe I’ll try there with Peter and Snow next time…

Q19. How fast is Cindy?

Umm, I like running, and I like running fast. But I’m not sure since I never timed myself. I don’t think telling you how fast I can get from Old Town to Xanadu would help much… Oh, right! I race with horses when I’m free these days. My win rate? Around half the time?


Q20. What does Goldie’s victory graffiti say?

Huh? What’s important is not what is written on the graffiti, but what you feel from it! But since you did ask, it says MUSIC.

That’s all for today’s “Ask Legends Anything!”

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