[Ep.1] Ask Legends Anything!

Hey there, Smashers!
It is time to answer your questions about your favorite Legends from Library World!
It is time for “Ask Legends Anything!(A.L.A)”

“A.L.A” is content where Legends will occasionally be answering Smasher’s
frequently asked questions about Legends and Library World.

You can participate by following the steps below.

✅ How to Participate
1. Select [Ask Legends Anything!] under Support and send us your questions.
* Legends may not be able to answer inappropriate questions.

2. Your questions and their answers will be featured in a future “Ask Legends Anything!”

As for today, we’ve forwarded the questions Smashers have sent us so far to the Legends!

❓Answers from the Legends❕

Q1. Does Gumi only have a pair of fox ears? Or does she have both a pair of human ears and fox ears?

A. I was wondering what kind of question you had for me. And all you had to ask was about my ears? How insolent. I would never tell you about that. Hmph!

Q2. What’s the secret behind Cindy’s legs?

A. Hi! You had a question for me? Secret behind my legs? Mmm… It’s not like I exercise or anything. Maybe it’s just because I run around all day making deliveries? And climb tons of stairs! Sorry I couldn’t give you a real answer… Oh, Kaiser?
As for that question, I, Kaiser, the owner of Kaiser GYM, will answer that! Cindy seems to have been born with healthy and naturally gifted lower body muscles. Moreover, she runs every day, and naturally performs squatting motions as she makes deliveries. Leg days are basically baked into her everyday activities, and that’s how she’s able to develop her muscles!
Oh, thanks, Kaiser! I guess that’s how it is! I hope that answered your question!

Q3. If Jack O’ gained his body by taking over one of Alice’s machines, then is his staff also something Alice made?

A. You’re asking the extraordinary Jack O’ a question? You seem to have quite the eye for things. Very well. I will answer to the best of my abilities. As you’ve presumed, this staff is something Ms. Alice has made for me. But I didn’t use it as it was. I’ve customized it to suit my tastes through various vendors and craftsmen. As a result, it’s become a great tool for combat, daily life, and magic shows! Hmm? What features does it have in particular? My apologies, but that is a secret. A magic trick loses its value once revealed.

Q4. Where did Cindy learn to kick?

A. I, Kaiser, the owner of Kaiser GYM, will also answer this question! I’ve also asked her that question a while back since I was curious. She said that she didn’t learn it from anyone, but the moves just come out instinctively. I believe she is able to naturally perform those moves because of a combination of innate talent and her athletic nature, just like her muscles. Nothing is cleaner than movement that comes naturally!

Q5. What languages do SMASH LEGENDS’ Synop City use?

A. We asked Don Quixote as he passed by, and he left us with the note below.

Q6. Does regular Cindy have the sadism of Hellion Cindy within her?

A. While we were looking for someone who could answer that question, a kind magician in a large hat and black robes kindly approached us with an answer. We will tell you exactly what we heard.
“Everyone has some sort of darkness in their minds. Especially for denizens of Library World. The more someone is victim to the endlessly repeating stories and fate, the deeper the darkness is. Cindy is a kind child with great potential. I wonder how her longing for her family will turn out to be… I hope my gift will be of use when the time comes. Fu fu.””

Q7. How tall are all the Legends? (cm)

A. Peter 161
Cindy 166
Kaiser 200
Red 152
Hook 178
Alice 130
Master Cat 166
Ducky 99.5
Swan 198
Flare 153
Witch Queen 168
Snow 174
Ravi 179
Don Quixote 148.5
Rapunzel 172
Nui 167
Wolfgang 193
Robin 187
Octavia 170
Jack O’ 172
Brick 108
Goldie 156
Rambert 174
Kurenai 165
Zeppetta 181
YongYong 130
Wukong 158
Molly 202
Maya 100
Gumi 175
Victor 175
Loren 160
Parfait 111
Ali 176
Aoi 200
Timun 165

Q8. How old are all the Legends?

A. Since the Legends are from fairytales and time in Library World flows differently from the real world, we couldn’t find it out since not even the Legends themselves knew how old they were.

Q9. Is Cindy tanned? I want to know if she’s tanned or if she’s Latina.

A. Oh, is my tan that obvious? I had to work a lot when I was with my stepmother and stepsisters. I also do a lot of outdoor activities, like making deliveries, after coming to Library World, so I ended up with a tan. But I always put on sunscreen!

Q10. What story is Gumi from?

A. I wonder. It’s been such a long time now that I can’t recall. Library World is a place where all stories come together.
It’s not just the well-known stories that end up here. Even the obscure or forgotten ones end up here as well.

Q11. Is there a chance Gumi will get used to Synop City and become a better person?

A. Where did you hear that? Hmph… No matter. Not at the moment, I suppose. Also, what do you mean “become a better person?” There’s nothing to better myself about since I’ve never done anything wrong.
Library World is a place where power and money dominate. I will do anything to attain those for myself. However… Yes, perhaps a day may come when I live out my life quietly like most others in Library World. Since no one knows what the future holds.

Q12. Do Cindy and Peter spar together?

A. He heh! Finally a question for me! I, Peter, will answer that for you!
Master said sparring is a great way to improve, so I spar with Cindy when she has time.
Cindy is also in SMASH LEGENDS and said she wants to improve. But it’s not like our spars are super serious or anything.
It’s almost like playing around actually.
We may be serious when we have to face off in a match, but there’s no need to fight a friend seriously when just practicing, right?

Q13. How does Jack O’ drink potions?

A. My, my. I presumed a question like this would come my way. I would rather not talk about it as it touches a sore spot.
But very well, I will give you an answer. As you might already be aware, I reside within a lantern, so I cannot eat nor drink.
Then how do I use potions? Well, potions are rather magical, so you could benefit from their effects not just by drinking them, but also by applying them.
That’s how I, and Ms. Maya’s G-love as well, can be repaired… I mean, healed, by potions.

Q14. Does Witch Queen corrupt others frequently?

A. Fu fu, an unjust accusation. I do not brainwash or corrupt other Legends. Manipulating others?
That is no different from being controlled by fate. However, I suggest a “different path” for those with potential.
Following a path or ignoring it is all of one’s own volition. I merely… Yes, give them a small nudge, perhaps?

Q15. Has Jack O’ ever been conned?

A. It’s impossible to live your life without ever being conned.
They might think I’ve taken advantage of them, but in my opinion, the deal I made with the devil in my story was just a ruse.
However, a con is nothing more than a mind game of trickery and persuasion. You can’t beat them all, nor can you win forever.
But that’s all right. You will gain knowledge and experience through such experiences, and maybe even pick up on hints about new methods!
Am I just saying these things because I’m fuming inside? I will refrain from commenting on that.

Q16. Is Cindy a bad child?

A. You might have seen a bad side of Cindy, or it might just be out of curiosity.
But a Legend could look both good and bad, depending on the perspective you look at them from.

Q17. Does Cindy have a lot of inner darkness?

A. A kind mage has answered this one for us.
“Love and hatred are intertwined with each other. It is not that Cindy possesses a lot of darkness within her, but what she has is a lot of love for her stepmother and stepsisters.”

Q18. How does Jack O’ feel about fans of his magic, and how does he react when he meets one of them?

A. Oh, thank you! Thank you! Nothing can quite put a smile on a magician’s face like the support from fans.
Oh, except for the gifts and tips that is. But those are also all a part of the support, so perhaps they are all the same?
Whatever the case, I do love myself some showmanship (Why else would I be in the magic biz?).
I am always thankful for all the support my fans give me. If you’re a loyal fan of mine, you will be an easy target for my prey… (The rest has been redacted at Jack O’s request.)

Q19. What do HP Potions taste like?

A. Each Smasher will taste them differently.
Alice said she tastes cherry tart, Peter apple, Cindy strawberry, and Kaiser a protein shake.
An argument happened over it since all the Legends tasted different things,
so we’ve asked the Sage Council, but have yet to receive an official answer.
Seeing how the potions taste different for all the Legends, we believe they might taste like whatever the drinker’s favorite flavor is. As a note, we asked Jack O’ this question, but we seemed to have made him mad and couldn’t get an answer.

That’s all for today’s “Ask Legends Anything!”
If you have questions regarding the Legends or anything else, please feel free to leave us your questions at Customer Support!
Please look forward to the next “A.L.A!”