Developer Team Notes #3

Hey there, Smashers!

This is our third developer note.

We’re here to bring you the details on our post-transfer update we talked about in last month’s Q&A video!

First of all, we read all of the encouraging comments you left for us in the video.

Once again, we truly thank you for all the love you’ve shown us, and we promise to keep up the hard work!

There will be some content overhaul in the new Smash Legends.

That includes several different changes such as the way players acquire Legends.

We worked long and hard coming up with ways to make Smash Legends even more fun.

Here’s a preview of the upcoming changes.

1. System Overhaul

a. Coin will be renamed to “Credit”.

  1. Coins held in possession will be converted to Credits according to their values and then dispensed.

b. Boxes and Keys will be removed from the game.

  1. You will be able to earn Credits instead of Keys via gameplay.
  2. Special Boxes and Super Special Boxes in the shop, and Boxes that were previously obtained by collecting Keys will be removed. Owned Boxes and Boxes uncollected from the Mailbox will be converted to Credits based on their qualities.
  3. Key Doublers will be removed since Keys are going to be removed. Any owned Key Doublers will be converted to “EXP Boost”.

c. You will be able to buy Legends using Credits or Gems.

d. Dream Pieces will be removed.

  1. Owned Dream Pieces will be refunded as a set amount of Credits.

e. All paid items can be purchased with Gems.

  1. SMASH Passes and Packages can be purchased with Gems.

2. Legend Growth

a. Legend Medals will be replaced by Legend Mastery point.

  1. Legend Mastery point can be gained by playing matches, with victorious matches yielding larger outcomes. Mastery point does not drop after lost matches.
  2. You can gain rewards from Legend Road according to Legend Mastery point.

b. All Abilities can be acquired from the Legend Road.

  1. Rare Ability will be renamed to “Ultimate Ability”.
  2. You can obtain four Common Abilities and one Ultimate Ability for each Legend from free Legend Road.
  3. You can obtain cosmetic items exclusive to each Legend along with additional Abilities from paid Legend Road.

c. Legend Puzzle Pieces will be removed and replaced by Legend experience points.

  1. Legend experience points can be obtained by playing matches as respective Legends.
  2. Legend Puzzle Pieces currently held by each Legend will be converted to Legend experience points.
  3. Unclaimed Puzzles Pieces both Selectable and Random and other similar rewards will be converted to Credits.

d. Legends can be upgraded by using experience points and Credits.

e. Abilities can be upgraded by using Credits as well.

3. Seasonal Trial Legends

a. We are adding four trial Legends whom players can play as every season.

b. Seasonal trial Legends last for eight weeks.

c. The trial Legends and their Abilities can be upgraded, and their progress remains even after the end of the season. When you purchase trial Legends or play them as trial Legends in another future rotation, they will keep all of their previous upgrades.

4. Competitive Match

a. A Competitive Match mode is scheduled for an update on April 12.

b. The Competitive Match incorporates a draft where two teams take turns to select Legends in a way every Legend can be selected only once.

c. You compete with other players for Rank Points which allow you to advance through tiers.

d. At the end of each season, you are rewarded based on your tier. (e.g., time-limited profile frames based on grades)

5. Planned Features

a. Clan

b. Friend chat

c. Statistics

d. Player report

Only about a month until the new Smash Legends arrives on March 15th!

Hopefully the info above gives you a big picture of the coming makeover :)

We will give all we’ve got until we see you again with more improvement.

We are sad that we are unable to reply to all of the invaluable feedback you give us.

From now on, we will use more channels besides videos and developer notes to communicate with you.

We are always looking out for your feedback and will do our best to apply them to future updates as much as possible.

Let’s get hyped for a new awesome Legend Kurenai on February 15th!

He’s a dazzling yet gentle swordsman, so make sure to check him out!

This wraps up our latest developer note.

See you again! Bye!