Developer Team Notes #2

Hello, Smashers!

This is Soochan Park, Director of SMASH LEGENDS in 5minlab.

Almost a year has passed since the first developer’s notes are released, and here is the second developer’s notes to share with all Smashers. SMASH LEGENDS has reached 5 million downloads since soft launch on March 2nd, and global launch on April 13th, 2021. Deeply thank Smashers for showing love and support! Sincerely grateful to have you!

Looking back when this project was started at the very beginning, that time I could not imagine SMASH LEGENDS would receive this much love. Starting as a small team, over around two years and a half, the small project has developed into this amazing game, SMASH LEGENDS! SMASH LEGENDS team’s confidence has been increased with Smashers’ support and love.

The team will do the best to return the love and support that Smashers are shown. Please continuously enjoy the SMASH LEGENDS, until the day when the game becomes a great game enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

As of March 15, 2022, SMASH LEGENDS will be transferred its service from Line Games, who has operated actively, to the developer, 5minlab.
After lots of discussion with Line Games, who have joined the adventure of SMASH LEGENDS with loving eyes for about 1 year, a service transfer decision has been made for 5 minlab’s passionate movement.

5minlab would like to express our gratitude to Line Games for the decision supporting 5minlab’s new adventures.

5minlab will continuously do the best for SMASH LEGENDS’ growth.

Line Games will actively cooperate with the transfer service process until the transfer date,

and 5minlab will make sure everything is in order.

1.Service Transfer process

There are no special procedures that Smashers have to go through. All players’ game information (Legends, and account information) can be used as before. You can play the game just the same and just get ready to enjoy newly changed SMASH LEGENDS after the update on March 15th.

2.Refund procedure

Based on the service transfer inspection on March 15th, please contact LINE Games for the enquiries that occur before the maintenance as before, and contact 5minLab for the enquiries that occur after the maintenance.


4.Legends Development

6 Legends, including Rambert(joined with Jan 18th Update), are in the process of developing. After March 15th, you may meet a new Legend per month, same as before. Please look forward to meeting various unique Legends that Smashers around the world can relate to.

5.More Active Communication

Now, instead of Line Games who has made an effort to communicate with Smashers, 5minlab will communicate in the future. After re-organizing the Discord server, 5minlab is planning to do more active communications. Also, regular developers’ letters and developer talks are in the plan to have more communication with Smashers.


‘Win against Developers!’ and Global Tournaments in 2021 are in the plan for this year as well. Additionally, more various events that can make gameplay more enjoyable await you.


Competitive Matches will arrive this coming April. Enjoy much more competitive vibes and fierce spirits! More detailed changes will be covered with the next developer’s note.

Hope this information has cleared up some of your curiosity even little bit.

Hope to have more chances to speak to you, Smashers.

Until next time, please keep an eye on our adventures!