Announcement for version 2.2.3 update

Hi Smashers,


We are here to share an optional update on April 14th (thu).

To improve the game, the game app has been updated on AOS and Steam version first.

Changes will be applied after you update the app version through the store you have downloaded the game from.

The previous app version (v 2.2.2) and the new version (v 2.2.3) which has been updated today are both available.

However, please head over to the store where you have downloaded the game and update it to the latest version for stable service.


  • Fixed the bug where the maintenance pop-up was not displayed during maintenance
  • Fixed the bug that did not fully reset the skill cooldown for Cindy after she successfully hit the opponent with the skill
  • Fixed the bug that disabled Peter’s #1 ability when he took or dropped an item
  • Fixed the issue in which Smash Pass tutorial did not progress
  • Fixed the issue where YongYong’s Ultimate could not be targeted with controller input

We promise to always try our best to offer pleasant gaming experiences.

Thank you.