9/26(Tue) Update Notes

Hello, this is SMASH LEGENDS!

On Tuesday, Sep 26th, the game will undergo maintenance for a new update.
Please keep in mind that you will not be able to access the game during maintenance.

✅ Maintenance Period

  • 2023/09/26 02:00 ~ 09:59 (UTC+0)
    → 2023/09/26 11:00 ~ 18:59 (KST)

*Maintenance period may be subject to change.

Below are details on the changes to be made in the update.

※ All screenshots were taken on the test server and may differ from the official release.

Please refer below for the details.

New Update ✨

🌊 New Legends Added
– New Legend [Marina] added.

🌊 Introducing Marina
H.U.N.N.T’s mermaid princess who lost her past. Having been put through painful experimentation by Umbra, Marina lost her memories and now teeters between existence and nonexistence. In order to protect those who are as powerless as she was and to prevent any more victims, Marina abandoned her past and joined H.U.N.N.T’s Umbra taskforce. There, she operates as a special agent with a specialized suit and artificial tail.

🌊 Marina’s Attack (At Level 1)
1) Mermaid Tail (Basic Attack)
Swings her elastic tail, dealing a total of 600 damage to an opponent. If last hit connects, Marina will jump lightly into the air. If used as Aerial Skill, swings her tail around her, dealing 300 damage.

2) Phase Shift (Skill)
Marina shifts her phase and moves in an invincible state. Once the duration ends or if an opponent makes contact with Marina, she will pop out, dealing 600 damage. If used as Aerial Skill, she will land and slide, dealing 500 damage to the opponent she collides with.

3) Marina Special (Ultimate)
Marina leaps up twice, dealing damage where she lands. First landing deals 500 damage, and second landing deals 600 damage.

🌊 Marina’s Abilities (At Level 1)
1) Cheer
Each opponent hit by Ultimate’s landing attack restores 4% HP.

2) Consecutive Action
Decreases Skill cooldown by 0.6sec after successfully hitting an opposing Legend with Skill.

3) Mermaid’s Song
Increases Movement Speed by 3%. When using as Ground Skill, creates a waterflow on her path that persists for 1 s. Increases Movement Speed of teammates that follow the waterflow by 12%.

4) Windup
Hitting an opponent with last hit of Ground Attack grants 3% Ultimate cooldown gauge.

5) Encore!
Leaps one more time when using Ultimate. Third leap attack deals 700 damage at level 1. Increases Ultimate damage by 8%.

🌊 How to Obtain Marina
– Marina is available as a reward for reaching Stage 10 of the paid Smash Pass Chapter 11.

🎉 Beginning of Smash Pass Chapter 11 🎉

– Smash Pass Regular Season, [Chapter 11: Star Is Mine!] begins.
: The season notification page will be displayed in-game when you first login after the update.
: You can view the new Smash Pass Toon by pressing the “Smash Pass Toon” button at the Smash Pass page.
: You can obtain Skins, Profile Icons, Fashion Items, Revive Effects, Booster Items, and much more by progressing the Smash Pass.
: You can obtain the new Legend, “Marina”, after purchasing the paid Smash Pass and reaching Stage 11.

– There are two ways to use Gems to purchase the paid Smash Pass.
: Method 1: Spend 200 Gems and unlock additional rewards.
: Method 2: Spend 300 Gems to unlock additional rewards and start progression from Stage 10.
– When starting from Stage 10, you will obtain the new Legend “Marina” immediately upon purchase.

✅ Note
– Decoration items that can be obtained through this season’s Smash Pass will not be sold in Shop after the season ends.

🔶 New Enchantment – Unyielding 🔷

– Unyielding: When HP falls below 25%, restores 2% HP every 0.15 s until HP reaches 60%. (Cooldown: 80 s)

🗨 Legend Unique Dialog Added 💬

– Play as various Legends and SMASH your opponents!
– Special dialogs will play when smashing Legends with special relationships.

🎈Shop Products🎈

🔶Unyielding Release Celebration Package🔷

– Check out the new release celebration package where you can acquire the new Unyielding Enchantment!
– The [Special Unyielding Box] included in the [Unyielding Limited Package] is similar to the [Special Enchantment Box], but only the Unyielding Enchantment will appear.

 Name Purchase Limit Price (Gem) Unyielding Special Enchantment Box Special Unyielding Box
Unyielding Boost Package 1 once 60 1
Unyielding Boost Package 2 once 100 1 2
Unyielding Boost Package 3 once 200 1 6
Unyielding Boost Package 4 once 400 2 8
Unyielding Boost Package 5 once 800 3 14
Special Unyielding Box unlimited 800 1 10

😊Level Achievement Celebration Package Content Additions and Changes

– Level Achievement Celebration Package added, and base package’s contents have been slightly changed.
– If the level requirement is met, you can purchase the new package after the update.

Acoount Level Price (Gem) Credit (Components) Special Enchantment Box Guaranteed Enchantment Box
5 10 5,000 1
10 30 5,000 1
15 35 10,000 1
20 40 5,000 1 1
25 45 15,000 1
30 50 5,000 3 1
35 55 20,000 1 1
40 60 5,000 4 1
45 70 25,000 2 1
50 85 5,000 5 1
55 100 30,000 2 1
60 125 5,000 8 1
65 150 35,000 4 1
70 175 5,000 11 1
75 200 40,000 6 1
80 250 5,000 9 1
85 300 45,000 9 1
90 350 5,000 13 1
95 400 50,000 12 1
100 500 5,000 18 1

■ Miscellaneous
– Timun can now be purchased from the Shop using Credits and Gems.
– Timun added to Legends Assemble Package and Maxed-out Legend Ticket.
– Timun has been added to the Shop (high price) and Victor’s price has been lowered (high price → normal price). Please refer to the chart below for cost details!

Types standardsPrice
Shop(high price)The top 5 legends based on the release date45000229
Shop(low price)The bottom 5 legends based on the release date14900149

🥉🥈🥇End of Competitive Match Season 17 & Start of Season 18🥇🥈🥉

– Competitive Duel will not be returning starting from Season 18, and Dominion will become the only Competitive Match mode. Please refer to the Developer Notes for more information!
– We are distributing rewards to Smashers who participated in Season 17 based on their tiers!
– Special rewards are also available to those who played 20 Competitive Matches or more regardless of their tiers.

🚔 Report Pop-up UI Improvements 🚔

– We are making big improvements to the reporting system to streamline the reporting process. Please stay tuned for updates as we work to reduce the number of unpleasant experiences while playing the game!
– Report pop-up UI improved to streamline reporting process.

⚡Changes and Improvements⚡

■ Legend/Ability Balance Changes
– For details on balance changes, please read the “Balance Update Note”.

■ Miscellaneous
– Items such as HP Potions, Bombs, Snowballs, Magnet Bombs, and Donuts will be added to [Try].
smashlegends.gg will be taken out of service due to management and upkeep difficulties.
– Lobby’s BGM volume reduced overall to prevent players from being startled when they first log in.
– Improved loading speed of certain menus.

⚒ Bug Fixes 🛠

– Fixed an issue where event tokens would not display on the purchase history when purchasing packages from event shops.
– Fixed an issue where pressing the Ability or Enchantment Try button too quickly would lead to infinite loading or error pop-ups.

❗Any and all details of the update may be subject to change.

Thanks for checking out the update notes so far.
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– Coupon code: MarinaMermaidUPD31