9/12(Tue) Update Notes

Hello, this is SMASH LEGENDS!

On Tuesday, September 12th the game will undergo maintenance for a new update.
Please keep in mind that you will not be able to access the game during maintenance.

✅ Maintenance Period

  • 2023/09/12 04:00 ~ 08:59 (UTC+0)
    → 2023/09/12 13:00 ~ 17:59 (KST)

*Maintenance period may be subject to change.

Below are details on the changes to be made in the update.

※ All screenshots were taken on the test server and may differ from the official release.

Please refer below for the details.

🎈Shop Products🎈

🎁 Random Legend Box Packages Added 🎁

– Random Legend Box Packages added to help out new Smashers.
– Don’t miss out on this opportunity to purchase Legends at a low price!

✅ Random Legend Box Package 1

  • Can be purchased once per account
  • Price: $0.49
  • Contents: Random Legend Box x1 + 1,000 Credits

✅ Random Legend Box Package 2

  • Can be purchased once per account
  • Price: $0.79
  • Contents: Random Legend Box x1 + 3,000 Credits + Sponsor Support (12 hours)

⚡ Changes and Improvements ⚡

■ Legend/Ability Balance Changes
– For details on balance changes, please read the “Balance Update Note”.

■ Miscellaneous
– We have optimized the graphics to ensure a smoother gameplay experience, even on lower-end mobile devices.
– Sponsor Support items will now allow you to accumulate rewards beyond the maximum hour limit.

1. Skin Previews will now display what will change when equipping skins.
2. Spotlight effect button added to Skin Previews.
3. Mythic Skins that change a Legend’s portrait will now display the portrait in the preview.

🛠 Bug Fixes ⚒

■ Gameplay Related
– Fixed an issue where the Legend Rotation icon would display at the Competitive Match select screen.

❗Any and all details of the update may be subject to change.

Thanks for checking out the update notes so far.
I am leaving a small gift in hopes that you will enjoy playing Smash Legends more in the future. 🎁

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*Available until Sep 26th 4AM (UTC).

Thank you.