9/12 (Tue) Balance Update Notes

[Legend Changes]






The last nerf to Zeppetta made her Skill a little too weak, so we are bringing it back up to speed.”


[Eliminate Failures] 

  • Ground Skill charge distance greatly increased.
  • Fixed an issue where opponents hit by the first hit of her Aerial Skill could retaliate with their Ultimate.



[Instant Awakening] 

  • Damage scaling increased. 28/31/34/37/40 → 34/38/42/46/50


[Jack O’]

We are dialing down his Ultimate’s damage which had become too strong.”



  • Damage decreased by 100.


We are nerfing her high pick/win rate Ability to tone down her Ultimate’s up time.”



  • Ultimate Gauge charge rate decreased. 16/18/20/22/24 → 16/17/18/19/20%


We are nerfing her ability to control Dominion Points and keep opponents at bay.”

Basic Attack

[Timun Self-Defense] 

  • Damage decreased from 700 to 600.


[My Turn!] 

  • Ground Skill’s knockback decreased by approximately 17%.



When first playing as or facing Kaiser, it was difficult to get the concept of “only having super armor when attacking.” Kaiser will be adjusted to ensure that his strengths will be felt more intuitively and effectively when he is using his Ultimate.”


[Punching Machine] 

  • Cooldown increased by 1 s.


[Heavenly Body] 

  • Kaiser will always have super armor when using Ultimate.



  • SFX and VFX added to when his mark is popped.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed an issue where the auto targeting on Victor’s Basic Attack and Skill were excessive
  • Fixed an issue where Timun would get clipped into a wall right after using her Ultimate
  • Fixed an issue where using Aoi’s Skill would deactivate nearby Red’s stealth
  • Fixed an issue where [Relentless Lightning] and [Prudent Beam] enchantments would not activate when Maya had the [Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!] Ability equipped

[Game Stat Checker]

For anyone interested in seeing statistics for Legends such as ability combinations, pick rates, and win rates, you can find them here at smashlegends.gg/en.
You can view statistics on competitive matches by sorting by Legend name, win rates, and pick rates on the main page.