8/1(Tue) Update Notes (7/31 edited)

Hello, this is SMASH LEGENDS!

On Tuesday, August 1st, the game will undergo maintenance for a new update.
Please keep in mind that you will not be able to access the game during maintenance.

✅ Maintenance Period (July 31st, edited)

  • 2023/08/01 04:00 ~ 08:59 (UTC+0) 02:00 ~ 09:29 (UTC+0)
    → 2023/08/01 13:00 ~ 17:59 (KST) 11:00 ~ 18:29 (KST)

*Maintenance period may be subject to change.

Below are details on the changes to be made in the update.

※ All screenshots were taken on the test server and may differ from the official release.

Please refer below for the details.

New Update ✨

🥒 New Legends Added
– New Legend [Timun] added.

🥒 Introducing Timun
Bag with a giant sealed inside in hand, Timun is a merchant who travels all across Library World. Always arguing with the bag that wants to eat her, Timun wants to find a cure for her sick mother, and the giant wants his old body back. Now they begin a new challenge in SMASH LEGENDS.

🥒 Timun’s Attack (At Level 1)
1) Timun Self-Defense (Basic Attack, Attack Counts: 3 times)
Swings Buto around then quickly charges to deal a total of 700 damage. The third Ground Attack charge gives her super armor, but getting hit by a strong attack during the charge will armor break and knock them back. When used as Aerial Attack, swings Buto to deal 350 damage.

2) My Turn! (Skill)
Buto drags Timun then quickly charges to deal 700 damage. He gets super armor during the charge, but getting hit by a strong attack during the charge will armor break and knock them back. When used as Aerial Skill, Timun swings Buto downwards, then Buto will charge to deal a total of 700 damage.

3) Clearance Sale (Ultimate)
Timun lifts up Buto and runs really quickly. Opponents who collide with Timun are dealt 200 damage. Buto spits out boiling mud that deals 400 damage while Timun is running.

🥒 Timun’s Abilities (At Level 1)
1) Coming Soon
Increases Basic Attack damage by 24% when Ultimate is not available.

2) Buy One Get One Free
Decreases Skill cooldown by 1.1 sec when hitting an opponent with Ground Skill.

3) Special Offer for You
Increases Ground Skill damage by 30% for 7 secs when hitting an opponent with Ground Skill.

4) What a Bargain
Decreases damage received by 30% when third Ground Attack or Ground Skill is being used.

5) Flash Sale
When Ultimate’s projectile hits the ground, it creates smaller projectiles that deal half damage. Ultimate’s damage increases by 16%.

🥒 How to Obtain Timun
– Timun is available as a reward for reaching Stage 10 of the paid Smash Pass Chapter 10.

🎉 Beginning of Smash Pass Chapter 10 🎉

– Smash Pass Regular Season, [Chapter 10: Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Smashers!] begins.
: The season notification page will be displayed in-game when you first login after the update.
: You can view the new Smash Pass Toon by pressing the “Smash Pass Toon” button at the Smash Pass page.
: You can obtain Skins, Profile Icons, Fashion Items, Revive Effects, Booster Items, and much more by progressing the Smash Pass.
: You can obtain the new Legend, “Timun”, after purchasing the paid Smash Pass and reaching Stage 10.

– There are two ways to use Gems to purchase the paid Smash Pass.
: Method 1: Spend 200 Gems and unlock additional rewards.
: Method 2: Spend 300 Gems to unlock additional rewards and start progression from Stage 10.
– When starting from Stage 10, you will obtain the new Legend “Timun” immediately upon purchase.

✅ Note
– Decoration items that can be obtained through this season’s Smash Pass will not be sold in Shop after the season ends.

📖Zeppetta’s Ghost Research Journal📒

– Collect Sealed Ghosts to earn Zeppetta’s new Epic skin, event-limited icon, and frame!

✅ Event Period: Aug/01 18:00 – Aug/29 12:59 (KST)

✅ How to Participate

  1. Press the Sealed Ghost icon on the left side of your Lobby screen!
  2. Collect Sealed Ghosts and exchange them for items from the Event Pop-up! Get additional rewards according to the total number of Sealed Ghosts you’ve collected!

– Sealed Ghosts can be obtained through the following methods:

  • Laboratory Attendance Check
    • Logging in every day can earn you Sealed Ghosts.
    • You can acquire an event-limited Profile Icon by logging in for all 21 days!
  • Completing Task! Gather Ghosts and Take Over the World!
    • Completing quests can earn you Sealed Ghosts.
    • New event quests will be released biweekly.
  • Purchasing packages from the Shop

– There are 2 ways of acquiring Event Rewards.

1. Zeppetta’s Research Results (Exchange): Exchange Sealed Ghosts for items. Each item has a limited number of purchases. Items prices are as follows:

– 4,500 Sealed Ghosts: Zeppetta Epic Skin [Scientific Exorcist] (x1 limit)
– 1,500 Sealed Ghosts or 200 Gems: 5 GHOST SMASHERS! Boxes (Zeppetta, Cindy, Witch Queen, Snow guaranteed)
– 1,500 Sealed Ghosts or 200 Gems: 5 GHOST SMASHERS! Boxes (Ravi, Ducky, Rapunzel)
– 1,500 Sealed Ghosts: 1 Guaranteed Enchantment (x1 limit)
– 1,500 Sealed Ghosts: 100 Select Enchantment Stones (x1 limit)
– 300 Sealed Ghosts: 1,000 Credits (x30 limit)
– 100 Sealed Ghosts: Sponsor Support (12 hours) (x30 limit)

2. Home screen: Obtain rewards based on the total amount of Sealed Ghosts accumulated. Rewards for total acquired Sealed Ghosts are as follows:

– 10,000 Sealed Ghosts: Zeppetta Epic Skin [Scientific Exorcist] – 4,500 Sealed Ghosts: Event-limited Profile Icon 2
– 4,400 Sealed Ghosts: Event-limited Profile Frame
– Tons of rewards for cumulative accumulations will be added in through future updates.

– When exchanging at Zeppetta’s Research Results (Exchange), the amount of Sealed Ghosts will be deducted, but the accumulated amount will not.
– 5 GHOST SMASHERS! Boxes can be exchanged up to 5 times using Sealed Ghosts.
– Items acquired through the event will be instantly claimed.

🥉🥈🥇 End of Competitive Match Season 15 & Start of Season 16 🥇🥈🥉

– We are distributing rewards to Smashers who participated in Season 15 based on their tiers!
– Regardless of the tier, rewards will also be given to Smashers who have played a total of 20 or more times in Competitive Duel Mode and Competitive Dominion Mode.

⚡Changes and Improvements⚡

■ Legend/Ability Balance Changes
– For details on balance changes, please read the “Balance Update Note”.
– Aoi has been added to the Shop.
– Aoi has been added to the Legends Assemble Package and the price has been adjusted.

⚒ Bug Fixes 🛠

■ Competitive Match
– Fixed an issue where the mode with furthest progress made was not displayed when placement matches for both Dominion and Duel were not complete.
– Fixed an issue where an error log displayed on the tier animation when completing Competitive Match placements.
– Fixed an issue where the previously selected Legend would be chosen when you changed Legends once and pressed Ready.

■ Joy Pad Remapping
– Fixed an issue where the right-side line buttons could not be moved to the upper parts of the screen.
– Fixed an issue where simultaneous touch allowed editing buttons outside the designated area.

■ Legend List
– Fixed an issue where sorting Legends by Mastery would only display owned Legends.
– Fixed an issue where searching for a Legend by name, then changing the role filter would delete the search words and display the full Legend list.

■ Miscellaneous
– Fixed an issue where [Selecting Legend] was not displayed when a party member entered the Legend details screen by selecting the Legend model at the center of the Lobby.
– Fixed an issue where checking the friends list immediately after adding a friend would display the friend’s tiers as unranked.
– Fixed an issue where entering the Legend list while being in a team and opening the team chat would activate the Legend search function.
– Fixed an issue where Facebook login was not working during the tutorial (AOS only).

❗Any and all details of the update may be subject to change.

Thanks for checking out the update notes so far.
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