8/16 Balance Update Notes

[Legend Changes]




“Hook’s performance in Team Touchdown was meager compared to other Marksman Legends. Thus, we increased her survivability and damage potential.”


[Firepower Support]

  • Cooldown decreased. 1080 → 950


[Superalloy Prosthetic Leg]

  • Movement Speed increased. 4/5/6/7/8% → 6/7/8/9/10%

[Don Quixote]


[Courageous Charge] 

  • Cooldown decreased by 1 second. 5 → 4
  • Total damage increased by 100. 850 → 950


Molly is a difficult Legend to play, so we decided to make her easier to play by slightly lowering her difficulty.



  • Ground Skill’s damage increased by 100. 700 → 800
  • Aerial Skill’s damage increased by 100. 600 → 700


[Jack O’]

Jack O’s Ultimate had a quick turnaround, allowing him to attack safely. We reduced its power, but adjusted his Ultimate’s launch point so he could show off his other strengths in Team Touchdown.



  • Ultimate’s starting point is now further away.
  • Ultimate’s height reduced when spread out.
  • Ultimate’s height reduced when returning.


Brick has performed well in Team Touchdown by taking up space and pushing his opponents away.
We have adjusted his Ability so it procs easier, but has lesser effect so he still performs well in combat.


[Safe Brick House]

  • Damage reduction decreased. 20/25/30/35/40% → 15/19/23/27/30%
  • Detection range increased by 1 m.



It is hard to close the gap on a veteran Robin player as Robin can attack from far away on the narrow, long Team Touchdown maps. Now, he becomes more vulnerable when his attacks miss.



  • Recovery time after the first attack increased by 0.05 s

[Robin Arrow]

  • Ground Skill start-up time increased by approximately 0.06 s.
  • Charged Ground Skill’s damage decreased by 250.


Now, you will have the time to see the ninja that has come to SMASH you.


[Art of Wind]

  • Aerial Skill start-up time increased by 0.12 s.


Nui’s attack range was not clearly visible, so her clunky Basic Attack’s hit box height was reduced.



  • Ground Attack’s first attack hit box height decreased by 0.5 m.
  • Ground Attack’s second and third attack hit box height decreased by 0.5 m.



[Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!]

  • Additional Movement Speed effect removed when charging.

[Item and Map Changes]


It is critical to manage your HP in Team Touchdown because losing one teammate means losing the game.

We increased the HP recovery of Potions so the next skirmish can happen without delay.

“Steal Potions so your opponent cannot recover their HP!”

  • Small HP Potion
    MAX HP recovery increased. 15% → 20%
  • Large HP Potion
    MAX HP recovery increased. 30% → 40%


Team Touchdown Map “Home of the Forgotten Fox”

  • Additional item types now spawn in the center of the map.
    Before: Large Ultimate Gauge Potion
    After: Large Ultimate Gauge Potion, Bomb, Magnet Bomb
  • Items that spawn in the center of the map now take longer to spawn.
    Spawn Time: 30 s → 40s

[Bug Fixes]


  • Fixed an issue where Maya’s 1st Ability “Absurd!” did not work properly.


  • Fixed an issue where Goldie’s Ultimate Ability “Wild Concert” did not heal HP on the last hit.


  • Fixed an issue where equipping Molly’s Ultimate Ability “Beast Instinct” would change Ground Skill’s knockback distance and angle.

Master Cat

  • Fixed an issue where equipping Master Cat’s 4th Ability “Agile Movement” did not apply his Ultimate damage nerf.

Yong Yong

  • Fixed an issue where Yong Yong’s 1st Ability “Good Dragon!” would not activate after using Ultimate.

[Stat Checker]

For anyone interested in seeing statistics for Legends such as ability combinations, pick rates, and win rates, you can find them here at smashlegends.gg.