8/16 (Wed) Balance Update Notes

[Legend Changes]







  • Wall duration increased. 3 → 3.5 s




[Eliminate Failures] 

  • Aerial Skill’s first hit’s stun duration decreased by approximately 30%.

[Witch Queen]


[Light as a Feather] 

  • Jump increase value decreased. 22% → 10%


“After gaining the ability to do a super jump, Octavia’s super jump combo became funny, powerful, and hard to deal with. Also, her Basic Attack and Ultimate combo’s forward momentum will be significantly decreased.”


[Wave Crescendo] 

  • Aerial Skill will now enforce a speed cap to prevent excessive sliding.


[Healing Aria] 

  • Beginning of Ultimate will now have greater friction, decreasing her sliding distance when using her Basic Attack with her Ultimate.


[Loren and Vex]

“Loren will be adjusted to nerf her ability to carry out extended combos on single opponents using her Aerial Attacks. However, successfully landing consecutive attacks will yield greater rewards.”

Basic Attack

[Tour Jeté] 

  • Aerial Skill’s stun duration decreased by approximately 23%.


[Air Waltz] 

  • Damage scaling increased. 22/24/26/28/30 → 29/33/37/41/45%



“Timun is cute. But Timun climbing up and down stairs with her bag is even cuter.”


[Clearance Sale] 

  • Timun using her Ultimate can now jump over stairs and small ledges.

[Clinging Attack Adjustments]

  • The following Legends’ Clinging Attack knockback directions have been changed.
    • Aoi
    • Cindy
    • Kurenai
    • Maya
    • Timun
    • Wukong
    • Yong Yong
    • Wolfgang
    • Goldie
    • Victor
  • Fixed an issue where the following Legends had excessively long or short roll distances.
    • Brick
    • Don Quixote
    • Goldie
    • Gumi
    • Kaiser
    • Molly
    • Parfait
    • Rapunzel
    • Wolfgang
    • Yong Yong
    • Zeppetta
  • Roll speed when turned into a frog slightly increased.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed an issue where Relentless Lightning would occasionally activate twice

[Game Stat Checker]

For anyone interested in seeing statistics for Legends such as ability combinations, pick rates, and win rates, you can find them here at smashlegends.gg/en.
You can view statistics on competitive matches by sorting by Legend name, win rates, and pick rates on the main page.