8/1 (Tue) Balance Update Notes

[Legend Changes]





“Issue where Basic Attacks would automatically target other Legends instead of nearby Frankontainers significantly improved.”

Basic Attack

[Shock Therapy] 

  • Auto aim will also apply to airborne Skill projectile.
  • Auto aim on installed Frankontainers significantly improved.


[Frankontainer Transmission] 

  • Cooldown decreased. 3.25 s → 3 s
  • Stun duration for opponents hit by Frankontainer projectile increased.


[Electric Pulse] 

  • Cooldown decreased by approximately 6%.


“The damage of Parfait’s Aerial Skill, which had been somewhat weakened, significantly increased.”


[Ice Spike] 

  • Aerial Skill’s damage increased by 150. 600 → 750


[Don Quixote]


[Courageous Charge] 

  • Cooldown increased by 0.5 s. 4 s → 4.5 s

[Master Cat]



  • Damage increase amount reduced. 24/28/32/36/40 → 20/23/26/29/32%



[Art of Blossom] 

  • Cooldown increased by approximately 30%.




[A Miraculous Comeback] 

  • Before: Increases damage when HP is below 50% and smashing an opponent recovers HP. Lasts until Wukong is smashed.
  • After: Recovers 20/23/26/29/32% HP when HP is below 50%.


“By significantly buffing Brick’s Basic Attacks, we hope that he will be able to initiate attacks more easily. By allowing him to knock opponents towards walls, it will open up various combo possibilities. Will the day come when Brick stops crying? Only time will tell!”

Basic Attack


  • Travel distance of first attack greatly increased.
  • Fixed an issue where opponents could escape after being hit by his first attack when his second attack was cast in a different direction.
  • Auto aim no longer applies to second attack.



  • Cooldown increased. 3.75 s → 4 s
  • Knockback scaling based on the opponent’s HP decreased.
  • The knockback angle of the wall slightly adjusted to be more horizontal, and base knockback decreased.
  • Knockback and damage will no longer change after the wall is placed.
  • Ground Skill’s recovery increased by approximately 0.07 s.
  • Aerial Skill’s recovery increased by approximately 0.13 s.
  • Ground Skill’s wall height increased by approximately 17%.
  • Aerial Skill’s wall height increased by approximately 9%.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed an issue where Snow’s Skill would occasionally get canceled.
  • Fixed an issue where effects would not display when multiple Witch Queen used their Aerial Skills with Ultimate Abilities equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where Don Quixote’s Ultimate shockwave would not activate against Vex.

[Game Stat Checker]

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