7/19 Balance Update Notes

[Map/Mode Changes]

“The tempo of Team Touchdown mode is sped up to make the games shorter.”

  • The revive timer will increase faster as the game progresses.
  • Escort target’s movement speed is now faster.
  • Items’ spawn time and types are adjusted.

[Legend Changes]


  • Overall knockbacks increased by approximately 6%.



“Yong Yong’s control felt clunky, and its recovery after attacking was too long. Its start-up and recovery have been slightly decreased, giving it more options to choose from after attacking.”


[Dragon’s Fury]

  • Start-up for Ground Attack’s first attack decreased by approximately 0.083 s.
  • Landing the last Ground Attack allows Yong Yong to move a little.
  • Recovery after landing on the ground after Aerial Attack decreased. 0.333 s → 0.25 

[Dragon’s Majesty]

  • Ground Skill’s rolling speed increased, and recovery decreased by approximately 0.066 s.
  • Failing to hit the opponent with Aerial Skill causes it to slightly slip, and recovery decreased by 0.05 s.



[Bunny-Bunny Hammer] 

  • Start-up for Ground Attack’s first attack decreased by approximately 0.033 s.



[Knee Kick] 

  • Ground Skill’s damage increased. 500 → 600
  • Aerial Skill knockback increased by approximately 40%.


“Witch Queen is the leader of Umbra, but has not been able to live up to the title. The witch is now getting ready to make a comeback.”


[Magical Beam] 

  • Start-up for Ground Attack’s first attack decreased by approximately 0.05 s.
  • Start-up for Ground Attack’s second attack decreased by approximately 0.117 s.
  • The upper portion of Ground Attack’s first and second attacks now have less knockback.



“Octavia’s sustained combat power was adjusted because she was stronger than we intended.”


[Wave Crescendo]

  • Cooldown increased. 4 s → 5 s

[Healing Aria]

  • Cooldown increased. 800 → 900




  • Cooldown increased. 6 s → 7 s


“Wolfgang’s Aerial Skill was powerful and difficult to counter. We have changed the start-up of the Skill so that opponents can react to it before being hit.”



  • Aerial Skill start-up time increased by 0.1 s.



[Feline Arts: Butterfly]

  • Damage decreased. 1600 → 1500


[Infinite Blows]

  • Damage decreased.
    Before: Increases Ultimate ability’s damage by 30% / 35% / 40% / 45% / 50% .
    After: Increases Ultimate ability’s damage by 24% / 28% / 32% / 36% / 40% .



[Arts of Ao]

  • Total damage decreased. 1000 → 900

[Arts of Blossom]

  • Cooldown increased. 550 → 650


“Robin’s Aerial Attack has been adjusted so opponents can react when they are hit.”



  • Aerial Attacks knockback opponents higher into the air when hit.
  • Aerial Attack’s Stun duration slightly decreased on hit opponents.


“Veteran Snow players could land huge combos with Snow’s Basic Attacks and Ultimate. Snow’s Basic Attack damage has been slightly reduced, so his combos can no longer be used continuously.”



  • Total damage decreased. 1000 → 900

[Bug Fix]


  • Fixed an issue where Kurenai’s Ultimate Ability did not apply increased damage to his Basic Attacks.


  • Fixed an issue where Maya’s “I’m No Weakling” Ability did not apply after reviving.