4/26 Balance Update Notes

[Changes in Legends]





“Brick was designed to be a Legend who could use walls to prevent opponents from advancing. However, because of his long cooldown, it was difficult to use his Skill (which stacks up to 3 times) to make plays with his walls. Brick has been buffed so that he can use his wall more frequently. He will start the game with his Skill fully charged, allowing him to have a bigger impact in the early stages of the game.”

  • Cooldown decreased. 8 s 6 s
  • Now starts the game with Skill fully charged.

[Ducky and Swan]



“Ducky is unique in that her Ultimate has a high over time charge rate, but does not charge when she attacks or is attacked. This mechanism was designed to assist Ducky, who has limited combat abilities, transform in tricky situations without too much difficulty.

Ducky has been buffed so that she can charge her Ultimate by hitting opponents while maintaining her Ultimate charge rate over time. As a result, Ducky will be able to transform much faster when actively engaging opponents.”

  • Ducky can now charge her Ultimate gauge by hitting opponents.



[The Sick Move]

  • Recovery time increased overall by approximately 0.05 s.

[Just the Right Spray!]

  • Cooldown decreased. 7 s 6 s

[This is IT!]

“Goldie has been adjusted to heal more frequently, allowing her to better perform her role as a support Legend. Furthermore, the issue with her Ultimate’s final stunning hit not connecting even when her Ultimate landed has been fixed.”

  • The active time on the last hit, which stuns, increased by 0.1 s.



[Bubble Canon]

  • Third attack’s first projectile radius increased by 0.2 m.
  • Third attack’s second projectile radius increased by 0.1 m.

[Healing Aria]

“Octavia is a support Legend who casts powerful burst heals to assist her teammates in maintaining control of the Dominion Point. Her presence, however, is somewhat underwhelming when it comes to seizing control of the Dominion Point. As a result, Octavia’s combat abilities have been enhanced, allowing her to play a larger role in taking control of the Dominion Point.”

  • Cooldown decreased. 5 s4 s
  • Aerial Skill start-up time decreased by 0.035 s.



[Cluster Shot]

“Rambert has been buffed to deal greater damage to up-close targets, where he can do the most damage.”

  • Damage increased for up-close targets. 750 900
  • Knockback scaling based on target HP increased.

[Witch Queen]


[Evil Spirit in the Mirror]

“Witch Queen had become relatively weak as of the recent Legend changes. Her Skill excels at zoning out opponents, but struggles to make contact due to its slow and telegraphed nature. As a result, her Skill projectile has been adjusted to making hitting targets easier.”

  • Duration until projectile explosion decreased. 1.3 s→ 0.8 s
  • Projectile travels approximately 10% faster.
  • Projectile’s homing capability increased by approximately 30%.

[Yong Yong]


[Beep Boop]

  • Before: Increases Ground Skill damage by 12/14/16/18/20%. Increases directional control by 10/20/30/40/50% while rolling.
  • After: Increases Ground Skill damage by 12/14/16/18/20%. Increases directional control by 34/38/42/46/50% while rolling.

[One More Time!]

  • Before: Decreases Ultimate cooldown by 10/15/20/25/30% when hitting 2 or more opponents with Ultimate.
  • After: Decreases Ultimate cooldown by 22/24/26/28/30% when hitting 2 or more opponents with Ultimate.




[Triple Kick]

  • For Aerial Attacks, recovery time after landing increased by approximately 0.085 s.

[Knee Kick]

“Dealing with Cindy is difficult, as she moves quickly and excels at Aerial Attacks. Cindy has been nerfed to force her to take more risks with her Aerial Attacks, while maintaining her mobility.”

  • Recovery time after landing increased by approximately 0.085 s.

[Jack ‘O’]



“Jack O’s Ultimate no longer activates if it does not hit a target, making dodging more meaningful to the opponent. This change is to discourage Jack O’ players from being too quick to throw his Ultimate in the general direction of the opponent without considering the situation.”

  • Spinning blades changed to no longer bloom if failing to hit target before reaching max range.
  • Spinning blades changed to pierce through terrain on contact instead of blooming.



[One Step Forward]

  • Cooldown increased. 3 s3.5 s



[Track Blood]

  • Before: Ultimate ability deals 60/65/70/75/80% more damage to opponents at 50% of their max HP or below.
  • After: Ultimate ability deals 50/54/58/62/66% additional damage to opponents with 50% HP or below.

[Beast of Full Moon]

“Wolfgang is an assassin who can regain HP by eliminating opponents with his Ultimate. Although it is thrilling to play as Wolfgang with his Ultimate Ability equipped, wreaking havoc on the field and growing stronger, we decided to limit Wolfgang’s power increase in order to ensure a fair battle for everyone else. Furthermore, his Track Blood Ability, which is good on its own but even better when combined with his Ultimate, has been nerfed.”

  • Before: Each opponent smashed increases damage of all attacks by 12/14/16/18/20%. This effect lasts until Wolfgang is smashed.
  • After: Each opponent smashed increases damage of all attacks by 12/14/16/18/20%. This effect stacks up to 60/70/80/90/100% and lasts until Wolfgang is smashed.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where landing Skill would leave Cindy with 1 second cooldown as opposed to completely resetting cooldown.

Don Quixote

  • Fixed an issue where Ultimate did not work as intended when passing through Brick’s wall.

Jack O’

  • Fixed an issue where the returning blades of his Ultimate would disappear when making contact with Candy Bag.


  • Fixed an issue where Perseverance Strike was dismissed when picking up or throwing items.


  • Fixed an issue where Aerial Skill would stop when landing mid-animation.
  • Aerial Skill now adjusted to properly enter recovery animation after landing.