3/15(Tue) Update Notes

Hello, this is Smash Legends!
On Tuesday, March 15th, the game will undergo maintenance for a major update.
Because this will be a major update, the maintenance period may be longer than usual.
Please keep in mind that you will not be able to access the game during maintenance.

✅ Maintenance Period

  • 2022/03/15 01:00–14:59 (UTC+0)
    →2022/03/15 10:00–23:59 (KST)

*Maintenance period may be subject to change.

Below are details on the changes to be made in the update.

*All screenshots were taken on the test server, and may differ from the official release.

Please check out the details below.

⚡ New Update ⚡

🛠 New Legend Added 🛠

  • New Legend [Zeppetta] is added.

[Introducing Zeppetta]
Zeppetta is a Fighter and Umbra’s grey eminence that has augmented her body with machines.
She dreams of taking over Umbra and the Library World with her puppet army under her command, but her results usually leave much excuse to be said.

[Zeppetta’s Skill-set]
1) Universal Gadget Arm (Basic Attack, Attack Count: 2 hits)
: Uses a hammer and drill to deal damage. When used as Aerial Skill, slashes 3 times in quick succession with a carving knife to deal damage. When used right after the Ultimate ability, swings a giant hammer to deal damage.

2) Eliminate Failures (Skill)
: Punches an enemy upwards with a power fist. When used as Aerial Skill, punches downward to ground an enemy and knock them away to deal damage. When used right after the Ultimate ability, charges up a powerful strike to deal damage.

3) Maximum Output! (Ultimate)
: Activates boosters to charge quickly. After charging, Basic Attack and Skill are empowered, changing into different forms for a brief period.

[Zeppetta’s Abilities (At Level 1)]
1) I Knew This Would Happen
: Increases damage of all attacks by 16% when HP is at 70% or below.

2) All According to My Calculations!
: Restores HP by 28% when smashing an opponent for 2 s after using Ultimate.

3) All Preparations Are Set!
: Increases Movement Speed by 8% when Ultimate is available.

4) I’ll Disassemble You!
: Increases Basic Attack damage by 52% for 3 s after hitting an opponent with a Ground Skill.

5) Frontal Breakthrough (Rare Ability)
: Increases damage of all attacks by 28% for 3 s upon being hit while using Ultimate.

[How to Obtain Zeppetta]
– Zeppetta is available as a reward for reaching Stage 10 of the paid Smash Pass Chapter 1.
– After Smash Pass Chapter 1 concludes, Zeppetta will be available in the Shop for purchase with Gems or Credits.

[Beginning of Smash Pass Chapter 1]

– Smash Pass Regular Season, [Chapter 1: Move out! The Iron Demon Zeppetta!] begins.
: The season notification page will be displayed in-game when you first login after the update.
: You can view the new Smash Pass Toon by pressing the “Smash Pass Toon” button at the Smash Pass page.
: You can obtain Skins, Profile Icons, Fashion Items, Revive Effects, Booster Items, and much more by progressing the Smash Pass.
: You can obtain the new Legend, “Zeppetta”, after purchasing the paid Smash Pass and reaching Stage 10.

– There are two ways to use Gems to purchase the paid Smash Pass.
: Method 1: Spend 200 Gems and unlock additional rewards.
: Method 2: Spend 300 Gems to unlock additional rewards and start progression from Stage 10.
When starting from Stage 10, you will obtain the new Legend “Zeppetta” immediately upon purchase.

– The Pass’ reward Stage will go up by completing Daily Quests and Chapter Quests.
: Daily Quests will renew every day, and there are 4 types in total.
: Chapter Quests will be gradually added in, and there will be various types of Quests.

💰Changes to the Economy System💰

– Several Currencies are removed or renamed.

  1. Dream Pieces are removed.
  2. Key Doublers are removed.
  3. Legend Pieces are removed.
  4. Boxes are removed.
  5. Coin is renamed to Credit.

* Disappearing Currencies will be converted and distributed into Credits after the update.
* Legend Pieces will be converted and distributed into Legend Experience.
* Select Legend Pieces will be converted and distributed into Credits.
* Existing Legend Levels will remain as they were.
* Credits can be earned by playing the game. They can be used to level up Legends and Legend Abilities, or purchase Legends from the Shop.
* Up to 1,000 Credits can be earned daily.
* The Credit cap will reset when your Smasher Level goes up.

■ Shop Improvements

  1. Legends, Skins, Effects, and other items can now be purchased with no limits (excluding Profile, Profile Frame, and Credit Booster).
  2. You can purchase Legends using Credits.
  3. You can now purchase value bundles and packages that include a Legend and a Skin.
  4. If you already have own a product that is inside a bundle or package, an additional discount is applied.
  5. You cannot purchase Credits with Gems.
  6. Gems can only be purchased with real money.


  • Legend Pieces and Legend Piece Packages are removed.
  • Box Items and Box Item Packages are removed.
  • Dream Piece and Dream Piece Packages are removed.
  • Free daily products are removed.

■ New Items Added

[Experience Booster]
– Experience Booster is a duration item that grants an additional 50% in Account and Legend EXP at the end of a match.
– It does not apply to Mastery points.
– Experience Boosters can be purchased at the Shop in 3, 7, 14, 28, and 56-day durations. They can also be obtained through Smash Pass.

[Credit Booster]
– Credit Booster is a duration item that grants an additional 50% Credits at the end of a match.
– It does not apply to First Win Bonuses, or Smasher Level Up Rewards.
– Credit Boosters can be obtained through Smash Pass.

* Notes
– Purchasing multiple boosters will increase its duration.
– During maintenance, the remaining duration will not decrease.
– All the above may be subject to change.

■ New Attendance Event Added

– “New Smasher Welcome Attendance” Event for newcomers has opened.
– Players can receive Experience Boosters, Legend Tickets, Profile images, Profile Icons as rewards.
– The next reward will not be activated unless the prior reward has been claimed.
– If a player already has all Legends, the “Legend Ticket” will be converted into 99 Gems.

■ New Skins

– “Sports” theme skins are added.
∟ Slugger Peter
∟ Cleanup Peter
∟ Striker Cindy
∟ Finisher Cindy
∟ Powerbag Kaiser
∟ Work Horse Kaiser

– New skins can be found in the Shop, and players can try them out before purchase.
– Purchase Skin Bundle Packages for a better value.

■ Seasonal Trial Legends

– 4 preselected Legends will always available during the season.

– Available Legends can be seen within the [Legend] Menu.
– The Mastery points and Level Ups will be maintained, and can be used in their upgraded state on purchase.
– Seasonal Trial Legends cannot equip fashion items.
– Already purchased Seasonal Trial Legends can be played as normally, but will have an unlocked icon displaying that they are Seasonal Trial Legends.

⚡ Changes and Improvements ⚡

⚽Legend Waiting Area⚾

– The Lobby has been revamped!
– Changes are made to the design and location of Menu Buttons.
– The waiting area now has customized BGM and a menu screen for each Legend.

■ Medal System Changes

– The Medal System is removed.
– Total medals are converted into Smasher Levels.
– Smasher Levels can be raised by playing the game and acquiring EXP.
– Leveling up your Smasher Level resets your daily Credit cap.
– There is no level limit to Smasher Levels.

■ Medal Season Changes

– Medal tallies are discontinued.
– Medal Season Rewards (Dream Pieces) will be converted and distributed into Credits.
– Legend Medals are converted into Legend Mastery points that are used to complete the new Legend Road.
– Original rewards for Legend Road are maintained. New Legend Roads will rewards Abilities, Skins, Emojis, and etc. according to the Mastery points.

■ Legend Ability System Changes

– Abilities are obtained through Legend Road Rewards.
– Ability Pieces are removed.
– You can level up abilities using Credits.
– Abilities now level up 1 level at a time.
– Max level for Abilities is Level 5.
– Duplicate Abilities will be converted into Credits.
– Rare Ability is renamed to “Ultimate Ability.”
– Duplicates of maxed-leveled Abilities will be converted into Credits in proportion to the amount required to level up.

■ Legend/Ability Balance Changes

– For details on balance changes, please read the “Balance Update Note”.

❗Any and all details of the update may be subject to change.

Thank you!