2/28 Balance Update Notes

[Legend Changes]

All Changes

The time it took to smash a Legend was too short, leading to an unexpected rise in the battle tempo.
To make the battles last longer, all Legends’ HP is increased by 500.




Basic Attack

[Triple Kick] 

  • Ground Skill’s damage increased by 100. 450 → 550


Molly’s Ultimate Ability appeared to have little to no effect on her performance, resulting in instances where playing her was less enjoyable. Therefore, some of her Abilities have been buffed. Additionally, Molly’s HP has been increased by an additional 100, so that her foes will be more intimidated by her.

  • HP increased by 100.


[Patience of a Hunter]

  • Ultimate Gauge increase amount adjusted. 22/20/18/16/14 → 12/10/8/6/4%

[Wild Intuition]

  • Ultimate Gauge Cooldown Reduction adjusted. 12/14/16/18/20 → 19/23/27/31/35%



[Cold Feast]

  • Activation duration adjusted. 6/6.5/7/7.5/8 → 7/8/9/10/11s




[Bunny-Bunny Magic Mine] 

  • Skill Cooldown increased. 6 → 6.5 s


Currently, Peter is showing decent performance in Dominion with his fast return and ability to cover a large area.
We reduced his ability to cover large areas so that Peter now has to use his Ultimate more carefully to gain an advantage.


[Whirlwind of Neverland] 

  • Ultimate range decreased by 20%.


The influence of Snow’s Skill has been reduced while increasing its risk.



  • Damage decreased by 150. 1000 → 850
  • Whiffing his Aerial Skill will no longer allow him to perform an additional Aerial Attack.

[Loren & Vex]

Currently, Loren doesn’t feel particularly lacking without Vex.
Loren’s Base Stats have been nerfed to make her stand out more when she is with Vex.

Basic Attack

[Tour Jeté] 

  • Ground Attack’s damage decreased. 650 → 600


Basic Attack

[The Sick Move] 

  • Aerial Attack’s hitstun duration decreased.
  • Ground Attack’s knockback on its final hit decreased.



[Robin Arrow] 

  • Robin can no longer perform Aerial Attacks after an Aerial Skill.


기본 공격

[Cluster Shot] 

  • Aerial Attack’s maximum damage decreased. 900 → 800
  • Minimum and Medium damage remain unchanged.



[Wave Crescendo] 

  • Aerial Skill’s knockback decreased.




[Frankontainer Transmission] 

  • Skill projectile’s damage greatly increased. 200 → 400


[Sequential Schematic] 

  • Damage increase amount adjusted. 26/30/34/38/42 → 13/16/19/22/25%


Basic Attack


  • Aerial Attack’s knockback direction changed.


[Ice Spike] 

  • Now lands slightly quicker when using Aerial Skill.
  • Lands slightly lighter after using Aerial Skill from high ground.
  • Fixed an issue where Parfait would occasionally move awkwardly after using an Aerial Skill and colliding with the map terrain.

Clinging Attack

  • Increases recovery after attacking.

Getup Attack

  • Increases recovery after attacking.



  • The charging of her Ultimate is no longer affected by attack direction modifiers.
  • Opponents now get knocked back in the direction they were hit by Parfait’s Ultimate.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed an issue where Parfait would fly away in an odd direction after colliding with the edge while using Aerial Skill.
  • Fixed an issue where equipping the “Arctic Snap” Ability and smashing an opponent would leave the visual effects of Slow after reviving.
  • Fixed an issue where Parfait’s “Calm Before the Storm” Ability would still be activated after respawning.
  • Fixed an issue where Parfait’s model would remain on the map if her Ultimate Ability was activated while being ringed out.
  • Fixed an issue where Loren&Vex’s charging amount for ultimate varies depending on the order of equipment with Solo Stage and Bodyguard.

[Game Stat Checker]

For anyone interested in seeing statistics for Legends such as ability combinations, pick rates, and win rates, you can find them here at smashlegends.gg.
You can view statistics on competitive matches by sorting by Legend name, win rates, and pick rates on the main page.