2/14 Balance Update Notes

[Legend Changes]






We made Maya better in situations where she is a good choice.

Base Stats

  • HP increased by 100.


[Graceful Maneuvering] 

  • Charge skill’s travel distance is slightly increased in acceleration mode.


[Follow Me!] 

  • Ultimate Cooldown Reduction 18/20/22/24/26 → 22/24/26/28/30%


Good news for Brick mains! Improvements have been made to Brick’s skill set.



  • Skill Cooldown decreased. 4 s → 3.75 s
  • Aerial Skill recovery time is decreased by 0.25 s.
  • Ground Skill recovery time is decreased by 0.2 s.
  • Marked stun duration increased by approximately 0.06 s.
  • The hitboxes of walls and Brick’s skills have both been greatly improved, and problems with enemies clipping out or damage not fully registering have been fixed.




[Rapid Fire] 

  • Ground Skill’s upper hitboxes for projectiles are slightly reduced.


[Master Cat]

Master Cat’s Ultimate had a long duration and did massive damage, but it made him too reliant on his Ultimate. However, Master Cat continues to gain momentum.


[Feline Arts: Butterfly] 

  • Ultimate’s number of hits has been reduced, and the last strike’s damage and knockback decreased.
  • Damage: 1500 → 1100

[Loren and Vex]

Base Stats

  • Clinging attack’s travel distance increased


[Split Jump] 

  • Ground Skill’s awkward animation of striking the ground mid-air on areas with ledges fixed
  • Aerial Skill does not cancel if it is used close to the ground



“Gumi has been through a lot of changes, but we have not been able to resolve the issues with her.
Gumi’s Basic Attacks have been reworked so that Gumi mains can enjoy her while Smashers can exploit gaps in her attacks.”

Basic Attack


  • Ground Attacks now strike twice.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed an issue where Gumi’s Ultimate Ability’s HP effect did not apply.

[Game Stat Checker]

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