11/21(Tue) Update Notes

Hello, this is SMASH LEGENDS!

On Tuesday, Nov 21st the game will undergo maintenance for a new update.
Please keep in mind that you will not be able to access the game during maintenance.

✅ Maintenance Period

  • 2023/11/21 02:00 ~ 09:59 (UTC+0)
    → 2023/11/21 11:00 ~ 18:59 (KST)

*Maintenance period may be subject to change.

Below are details on the changes to be made in the update.

※ All screenshots were taken on the test server and may differ from the official release.

Please refer below for the details.

New Update ✨

👁‍🗨 New Legends Added
– New Legend [Madam Lettuce] added.

👁‍🗨 Introducing Madam Lettuce
Madam Lettuce, the head of the Dark Moon Witches, secretly conducted various experiments on characters kidnapped by Umbra to satisfy her lust for knowledge of magic. From her research, she grew an ambition to peer into the “World Beyond Library World.” Not long after, she joined SMASH LEGENDS in hopes of furthering her ambitions.

👁‍🗨 Madam Lettuce’s Attack (At Level 1)
1) Suppress (Basic Attack, Attack Counts: 3 times)
Waves her wand to fire magical projectiles, dealing a total of 800 damage. Moves backward and fires magical projectiles that deal 300 damage when used as Aerial Attack.

2) Extort (Skill)
Lettuce fires 5 curses that each deal 100 damage. Fires 3 curses in front of her when used as Aerial Skill. Curses that hit Legends become an essence that returns to Lettuce, and each essence will gain her 20% Ultimate gauge charge.

3) Eradicate (Ultimate)
Condenses stolen mana to fire a magical sphere that relentlessly tracks her opponent. The magical sphere deals 1,500 damage. Lettuce can only charge her Ultimate gauge by landing Skills or acquiring items.

👁‍🗨 Madam Lettuce’s Abilities (At Level 1)
1) Pilot Study
Hitting an opponent with the last hit of Ground Attack creates essence that grants 20% Ultimate cooldown gauge. Increases Ground Attack damage by 8%.

2) Positive Feedback
Hitting an opponent with Aerial Skill creates essence that heals 100 HP at level 1.

3) Adaptation
Increases Madam Lettuce’s Attack by 12% when not hit for 5 s. Increases Movement Speed by 4% for 5 s when hit by an opponent.

4) Variable Lockdown
Decreases damage received by 56% for 2 s when using Ultimate.

5) Magnum Opus
Adds 1 Skill stack, and increases Ground Skill’s damage by 28%.

👁‍🗨 How to Obtain Madam Lettuce
– Timun is available as a reward for reaching Stage 10 of the paid Smash Pass Chapter 12.
– After finishing Smash Pass Chapter 12, you can purchase it in the shop with Gems or Credits.

🎉 Beginning of Smash Pass Chapter 12 🎉

– Smash Pass Regular Season, [Chapter 12: Under the Red Moon] begins.
: The season notification page will be displayed in-game when you first login after the update.
: You can view the new Smash Pass Toon by pressing the “Smash Pass Toon” button at the Smash Pass page.
: You can obtain Skins, Profile Icons, Fashion Items, Revive Effects and much more by progressing the Smash Pass.
: You can obtain the new Legend, “Madam Lettuce”, after purchasing the paid Smash Pass and reaching Stage 12.

– There are two ways to use Gems to purchase the paid Smash Pass.
: Method 1: Spend 200 Gems and unlock additional rewards.
: Method 2: Spend 300 Gems to unlock additional rewards and start progression from Stage 10.
– When starting from Stage 10, you will obtain the new Legend “Madam Lettuce” immediately upon purchase.

– You can obtain Madam Lettuce’s Enchantment Stones and Limited icons by purchasing the Premium Pass.

✅ Note
– Decoration items that can be obtained through this season’s Smash Pass will not be sold in Shop after the season ends.
– Smash Pass and Premium Pass are two different types of pass items.

📌 Returning User Attendance Event 📌

– A special new attendance event has been added for Smashers returning to Library World after a hiatus!
– Don’t miss out on the special daily rewards!
– You will be eligible for the returning user event if you return to the game after not logging in for 60 days.

🥉🥈🥇End of Competitive Match Season 19 & Start of Season 20🥇🥈🥉

– We are distributing rewards to Smashers who participated in Season 19 based on their tiers!
– Special rewards are also available to those who played 20 Competitive Matches or more regardless of their tiers.

📢 Providing battle data 📢

– Since we closed smashlegends.gg last month due to administrative costs, many Smashers have asked us to provide such statistics.
– We’ve been finding ways to make it easier for Smashers to find information like Abilities, Enchantment combinations, and game meta, so we’ve finally developed a feature to share battle data so that you can find and manipulate the information you need on your own.
– For more information, check out the official discord!

💚Christmas Fanart Contest💚

– We’re currently hosting a Christmas fanart event at our Official Discord!
– Submit your fanarts by 11:59 AM, Monday, December 4 (KST) at our Discord event channel (#christmas-fanart)!
– You can win an event-limited frame just by participating!
Click here for more details!

⚡ Changes and Improvements ⚡

■ Legend/Ability Balance Changes
– For details on balance changes, please read the “Balance Update Note”.

■ Miscellaneous
– We have improved the speed of additional downloads when installing the game.
– When pressing “PLAY AGAIN” at the results screen while on someone else’s team, you will now return to the Lobby and be in a ready state.
– The feature of giving [Likes] to other players has been removed. Originally designed as a positive feedback feature, it was removed due to not functioning smoothly as intended. In the future, if a new feature is added to increase positive interactions in gameplay, we will provide further updates.

⚒ Bug Fixes 🛠

– Fixed an issue where the animation for Aoi’s “Are you ready?” emoji did not play in chat.
– Fixed an issue where the location of Legends who’ve already been smashed would occasionally be displayed in Battle Royale.
– Fixed an issue where being smashed while turned into a frog by Witch Queen’s Ultimate would still display the regular Legend portrait in the log.

⏫ Next Update Teaser ⏫

– Various events are in the works to celebrate the coming Christmas in Library World!
– You will be able to earn various rewards like event-limited skins and growth items through the events! Please look forward to the next update!

❗Any and all details of the update may be subject to change.

Thanks for checking out the update notes so far.
I am leaving a small gift in hopes that you will enjoy playing Smash Legends more in the future. 🎁

– Coupon code: MadamLettuceUPD35