11/21(Tue) Balance Update Notes

[Legend Changes]




“Cindy’s cooldown reset conditions were inconsistent when she used her Skill on an enemy. We are making Cindy more consistent and enjoyable to play by allowing her cooldown to be restored when hitting items like Candy Bags and Victor’s Frankontainer Transmissions.”


[Knee Kick] 

  • Hitting items will now restore Cindy’s Skill cooldown.

[Jack O’]

Jack O’ has been playing like a Marksman for a while. He is now back to being a close-quarters Fighter who utilizes his Ultimate combo. We are buffing his HP to make him able to better handle close-range scuffles.”

Base Stats

  • HP increased. 3700 → 4000


Kurenai’s gameplay revolves around executing combos with his Ultimate. In the recent patches, he has been having more trouble landing his combos on opponents. We are buffing his capability to use his Ultimate more often, and reducing the clunkiness of his attacks.”

Basic Attack

[Art of Wind] 

  • Aerial Attack
    • Adjusted to make consecutive attacks flow better.
      • First Aerial Attack’s movement distance slightly increased.
      • Second Aerial Attack’s active time and knockback distance slightly increased.
      • The delay between the Second and Third Aerial Attack slightly increased.


[Art of Blossom] 

  • Decreases gauge charge required for Ultimate by approximately 30%.


We are buffing Red so she can exert more presence as an Assassin.”


[Wolf Slash] 

  • Ground Skill
    • Damage increased. 700 → 800


We are buffing Wolfgang’s Ultimate so that he can bite into his opponent’s final moments better.”


[Feeding Time] 

  • Ultimate damage increased. 700→ 800



Aoi, the powerful oni, has very few range constraints. She has a slow movement speed despite the ability to engage at long ranges, making her a tanky Fighter. We are nerfing her beefiness in order to slightly nerf her powers.”

Basic Stats

  • HP decreased. 4200 → 4000


We are increasing Timun’s recovery animations overall to allow her opponents to make counterplays more reliably.”

Basic Attack

[Timun Self-Defense] 

  • Ground Attack
    • Third Ground Attack’s recovery slightly increased.


[My Turn!] 

  • Ground Skill
    • Ground Skill’s recovery slightly increased.
  • Aerial Skill
    • Aerial Skill’s recovery increased.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Attack Up effect would appear when Master Cat used his Ultimate while equipped with the Ability [Invincible Spirit].
  • Legends will now be smashed as a frog when transformed into a frog by Witch Queen’s Ultimate.