10/24(Tue) Balance Update Notes

[Legend Changes]






Base Stats

  • Base HP increased. 4200 → 4300


“We are buffing Wukong’s main source of damage so he can perform better as a nimble fighter.”

Base Stats

  • Base HP increased. 3800 → 4000

Basic Attack


  • Aerial Attack’s damage increased. 200 → 300



  • We are adjusting him so that he will slide off the map less often when using his Aerial Skill.



  • Ultimate damage increased. 200+600 → 200+700



“We are slightly adjusting the Ultimate’s knockback as it was a bit more powerful than we intended.”


[Healing Aria] 

  • Ultimate has less knockback against hit opponents.



“Kaiser’s best moments are when he can send an opponent flying with his Ground Skill. We are reducing Kaiser’s cooldown so that he can do so more often. Furthermore, the constant super armors dumbed down interactions between Kaiser and other players while making it hard for us to justify buffing his other aspects. As such, we will be rolling the changes back.”


[Punching Machine] 

  • Cooldown decreased. 6 → 5 s


[Heavenly Body] 

  • Kaiser’s constant super armor effect removed.
    • Before: Kaiser will always have super armor when using Ultimate.
    • After: When Ultimate is active, Kaiser will have super armor when using all Basic and Skill Attacks.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Brick’s Prudent Beam did not apply.