10/10(Tue) Update Notes

Hello, this is SMASH LEGENDS!

On Tuesday, Oct 10th, the game will undergo maintenance for a new update.
Please keep in mind that you will not be able to access the game during maintenance.

✅ Maintenance Period

  • 2023/10/10 04:00 ~ 08:59 (UTC+0)
    → 2023/10/10 13:00 ~ 17:59 (KST)

*Maintenance period may be subject to change.

Below are details on the changes to be made in the update.

※ All screenshots were taken on the test server and may differ from the official release.

Please refer below for the details.

New Update ⚡

🔰 Play Guide Feature Added 🔰

– A Play Guide has been added to help Smashers who are just starting out ease into the game!
– Clear quests displayed at the Lobby, and press the button to claim the rewards!
– You can get various helpful rewards like Credits and Gems which will help you progress through the game!

✅ Note
– Quest system will only be available for new Smashers joining after the October 10 update.

🎈Shop Products🎈

🎁 Random Legend Box Packages Stage 3 and 4 Added 🎁

– We’re adding Stage 3 and 4 to the Random Legend Box Packages for new Smashers.
– Don’t miss out on this opportunity to purchase Legends at a low price!

🎁 Random Legend Box Package 3

  • Purchase Limit: Can be purchased once per account
  • Price: $1.49 (USD)
  • Contents: Random Legend Box x2 + 5,000 Credits + Sponsor Support (24 hours)

🎁 Random Legend Box Package 4

  • Purchase Limit: Can be purchased once per account
  • Price: $2.99 (USD)
  • Contents: Random Legend Box x2 + 10,000 Credits + Sponsor Support (48 hours)

✅ Note
– Random Legend Box Package 3 and 4 will be shown one at a time when the base Random Legend Box Packages are already purchased.
– When acquiring a legend you already own from the Random Legends Package, it will be converted into 100 Enchantment Stones of the corresponding Legend.

⚡ Changes and Improvements ⚡

■ Legend/Ability Balance Changes
– For details on balance changes, please read the “Balance Update Note”.

■ Matchmaking Related
– You will no longer be able to join parties of Smashers who are already in matchmaking.
– Social buttons like [Invite] or [Join] will be disabled when in matchmaking.

■ Miscellaneous
– A message detailing the reasons for not being able to join a party will be displayed.
– The total playtime will be displayed at the result statistics screen.
– Fixed an issue where the Friends menu would display during matchmaking when Account Level is below 6.

🛠 Bug Fixes ⚒

■ Gameplay Related
– Fixed an issue where a network error pop-up would display when pressing [LEAVE] after placing 8th in Battle Royale.

■ Miscellaneous
– The text related to duplicate conversions within the box rates pop-up will now be displayed at the top of the screen.
– The issue where the in-game screen intermittently froze when the Prudent Beam Enchantment was activated in the first gameplay has been fixed.
– The issue where the Prudent Beam Enchantment was charging immediately when the movement speed increase effect was applied has been fixed.

❗Any and all details of the update may be subject to change.

Thanks for checking out the update notes so far.
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