10/10(Tue) Balance Update Notes

[Legend Changes]




We are buffing Ali’s combat capabilities so he can better function as an assassin.

Basic Attack

[Charismatic Blade Dance] 

  • Ground Attack’s damage increased. 750 → 850



  • Cooldown decreased. 6 → 5 s

[Master Cat]

“We are buffing Master Cat’s survivability.

Base Stats

  • Base HP increased. 3600 → 4000


“Victor will now move more briskly. We are also increasing Frankontainer Transmission’s durability to buff Victor’s impact on fights.


[Frankontainer Transmission] 

  • Landing recovery will no longer happen when using Skill from a high position.
  • Landing recovery will be slightly shortened.
  • Frankontainer’s HP increased. 600 → 800



“We are reducing situations where Wolfgang is counterattacked for being too close to his opponents, even when he succeeded in attacking.



  • Opponents hit by Wolfgang’s Aerial Skill up close will now fly further back.

Map Changes

“The size of Dominion Points on Dominion maps has been increased to make positioning and playing within the Dominion Point easier for players.”

Abandoned Pirate Ship – Noon


  • Size of Dominion Point increased. 10×7 → 10×8

Abandoned Pirate Ship – Sunset


  • Size of Dominion Point increased. 8×8 → 9×9

Abandoned Pirate Ship – Rain


  • Size of Dominion Point increased. 8×8 → 8.5×8.5

Unlicensed Zeppetta Factory – Sunset

“We are reducing the importance of terrain at Unlicensed Zeppetta Factory so players can focus more on the Dominion Point battles.”


  • Switch activation time decreased. 1.5 s → 1 s
  • Slow applied by water around the Dominion Point decreased. 30 → 10%
  • Size of Dominion Point increased. 8×8 → 9×9


  • Objective Time, which is included in the Dominion MVP point calculations, will now be included regardless of whether the Dominion Point was retaken or not.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Brick would fall to his demise when using Basic Attack at the edge of cliffs.
  • Fixed an issue where the Prudent Beam gets charged even when it doesn’t reduce the opponent’s movement speed.