1/31 Balance Update Notes

[Legend Changes]




Basic Attack

[Blade of Vengeance] 

  • Aerial Attacks have their recovery time increased by approximately 0.03 s.

[Loren and Vex]

Base Stats

  • Loren’s falling speed has been increased.



“In a 1vs1 situation, Zeppetta has the upper hand in dealing massive damage to an opponent,
but in Dominion, where team fights usually occur, she is unable to put on her best performance. Therefore, we have given her the option to cover a larger area.”


[Eliminate Failures] 

  • Zeppetta is pushed back further when using Aerial Skill, and allows her to attack mid-air.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed an issue where Vex would be summoned when Loren is smashed right after casting her Ultimate.
  • Fixed an issue where equipping Loren’s Ability “Solo Stage” would increase her Ultimate gauge by 60%.
  • Fixed an issue where using Gumi’s Aerial Skill would occasionally not register damage.

[Game Stat Checker]

For anyone interested in seeing statistics for Legends such as ability combinations, pick rates, and win rates, you can find them here at smashlegends.gg.
You can view statistics on competitive matches by sorting by Legend name, win rates, and pick rates on the main page.